Gamification as a new way of learning at work

Play at work. Easy as that. This increasingly established method has emerged to promote leisure in the workplace while combining training and recreation.

Gamification and interactive simulations to encourage STEM teaching

The company Labster, owned by biotechnologist Mads Bonde, has designed a virtual education platform based on interactive classes and 3D immersion experiences to revitalise learning for students of technical courses and develop their talent.

From “Do it Yourself” to “Do it with Others”

“Do it with Others” has emerged as a style of learning based on methods involving collaboration and participation.

3 scientific experiments for children

Aside from being educational, science can be fun. If we think about it, we realize that children behave like scientists: they consider a hypothesis and test it through trial error.

Robotics in the classrooms. Innovation in Education

Using robots in classrooms can help students not only to learn technological…

University and enterprise: a key relationship for research through education

The first university in the world was created in 859 in Morocco; today there are more than 17,000 universities over the five continents. Throughout these centuries, these institutions have transmitted knowledge to society, thanks to which society and humanity have managed to evolve.