7 technological trends on the scene this 2019

Artificial Intelligence, data privacy and the cloud will undergo changes. 2019 will be the year in which 5G will become a reality.

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Artificial Intelligence, data privacy and the cloud will undergo changes. 2019 will be the year in which 5G will become a reality

Technology evolves at an incredible speed. Just when we think no more advances are possible, we find the formula to do it. “The market is in a tipping point where the digital strategies become the differentiator and a source of competitive advantages for organizations. And, for the first time in history, the technology to make digital business possible is available to everyone,” explains Brian Lillie, CEO of Equinix.

Companies specialized in interconnection and data centers such as Equinix have released a listing with the technological predictions for this year. 

Digital Modification

In 2018 software-defined infrastructures based on open standards that provide flexibility and dynamism for organizations were opted for, so that they establish new business models. This year will promote the digital transformation of these organisms. 

5G Technology

There will be the possibilityto connect billions of intelligent devices and sensors. It will allow the fastest downloads, have higher capacity and lower latencies, having a huge impact on the creation of autonomous cars, smart cities and even telesurgery. 

But it is necessary to have the right infrastructure for this to happen. This point translates into creating geographically dense supports to transmit radio signals to increase the efficiency of the network. It must get to cities and rural areas

5G technology offers an improved mobile broadband and ultra-reliable, massive communications. As the wireless technology evolves, it has to define the ranges of the spectrum waves (fast and slow frequencies). This allows radios, TVs and telephones to send information in a long-distance wave-like form. 


Blockchain technology has been linked to the currency and the financial sector through cryptocurrencies. However, it is an open and shared record capable of documenting all type of operations in an efficient and verifiable way. In 2019, Blockchain will be the engine of many cases beyond the financial industry

For example, in the food and agricultural sector, it may be used to track how food is distributed from the farm to the consumer. 

Mobile as a Method of Payment

This will be the year in which payment through mobile phones is consolidated. It’s a practical and functional method. In fact, it is estimated that global transactions using smartphones in 2019 will exceed 900 billion dollars.

The Strategic Consultant estimates that in Spain, 83% of consumers have already used this method of payment. Meanwhile, the European average stands at 68%. In addition, the consultant emphasizes that users feel it is a safer method. 

Banco Santander has taken a step forward in the use of these new systems and already has Apple Pay, Samsung Pay, Bizum, Fitbit Pay, Garmin Pay and APP Wallet. The Mobile payment will be integrated into the shops offline and online channels for collections and accounting which is a support currently present in 36% of the establishments. 

Machine Learning

Despite the great impulse given in 2018, Machine Learning can’t go on without access to large and diverse amounts of data. The Open Source is essential for data. The Open Source and data have not evolved the same way. Experts confirm that this year we will see the concept of “open data” emerge as a way of sharing and adding data. 

It is also foreseen that Machine Learning becomes the spine of companies. While learning will be slow, companies will be able to focus on the implementation of this technology to improve the business processes

Security and privacy

Security has to be in the center of any digital initiative and it is the first thing that needs to be addressed before creating a new technology. 

The scope of security continuously evolves as the cybercriminals do too. The challenge is always to be ahead of them. Professionals must count both technology knowledge as security. 


The large size of main actors and their great innovation is making it difficult for new arrivals to find space in the market for the public cloud

Providers focus on streaming companies and the telecom industry. This trend of vertical suppliers will continue this year. 

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