5 apps to control your daily spending

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Platforms to control and analyse expenses even offer new applications that challenge the user to save more money every day.

The beginning of the year usually brings some financial difficulties due to expenses during the holiday period, and although there are no magic formulas to make the money multiply, there is a trick to avoid unnecessary shocks at the end of the month: planning. In other words, keeping accounts up-to-date allows daily expenses to be adapted to the expected income and available savings. It may seem complicated or boring, but the truth is that in recent years different technological tools have appeared that are useful to make things much easier.

If your resolution for this year is to organize your expenses better, today we show you some of the best applications for doing so. There are apps for all needs and objectives, from those that organise and compare expenses and income to those that help with specific jobs like calculating taxes or knowing how much you spend on your phone, as well as those that encourage the whole family to save by playing.

Here are some examples, depending on what you want to do:

To control your budget: Mobills Finanzas Personale

This is an expense planner to maintain a certain budget without excessive deviations. Mobills  is characterised and distinguished from other ‘apps’ by establishing a tight family or personal budget, keeping a record of expenses by location and giving forewarning of payments due. It presents interactive graphs to easily analyse your financial situation in real time and control the whole month’s expenses.

It can be downloaded free.

To achieve a mid-term savings objective: Wallets

Everyone has dreams that they would like to fulfil, but they are not usually free. In this sense, a budget must seek to generate sufficient savings to meet the desired goals.

The Wallets app from BudgetBakers is characterised and distinguished from other proposals because it allows monthly saving goals to be set, showing whether the forecasts are being achieved in a very graphic way. At the end of the month, a visual summary allows you to make the necessary changes to eliminate unnecessary expenses and/or increase your savings.

To supervise your bank fees: Fintonic

Banking products – from the mortgage to the credit card – are subject to a series of fees, which are often open to negotiation. One thing that distinguishes the Fintonic application is that it works as a financial optimizer, that the first thing it does is to analyse your FinScore, or your attractiveness for financial institutions, recommending actions to improve it and thus be able to negotiate with the bank to get better conditions for financial products.

It is a free tool.

To save more than 1000 euros a year: 52 weeks

This is one of the few applications that allows users to create the challenge of saving a total of 1,378 euros per year. It establishes a formula to save practically without realising. Week one, you save one euro, week two, two euros and so on until week 52.

It is an application for all publics that shows how much has been saved at all times. As it is almost a game, it is also an educational challenge for the kids.

Available from Android and iOs app stores. More information (insert link) http://www.52weekmoneychallenge.net/

For an overall view of income and expenses: Money Plan

Money Plan is an application that is characterised by allowing the aggregation of all accounts of any financial institution, allowing you to manage personal finances in a simple and automated way. It is an idea from Banco Santander to automatically assign each movement to an easily recognisable category and thus not lose track of how the money is spent and so facilitate savings on some items.

It is a free application that can be downloaded here: https://www.bancosantander.es/es/particulares/banca-online/app/money-plan

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