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By means of the present GENERAL TERMS AND CONDITIONS, Banco Santander S.A., a Spanish company with Tax no. A-39000013, with registered office in Santander, at Paseo de Pereda, 9-12 and registered in the Company Registry of Santander, in volume 838, book 0, folio 2018 page S-1960 (hereinafter, the Bank), as the owner of the website  (hereinafter, the Web Portal), informs the users of the same of the conditions applicable to its use and to the services that the Bank offers those users who, after registration or request, should freely decide to make use of them.


The Bank provides users with the possibility of browsing and accessing the contents and services of the Web Portal provided they do so in accordance with the provisions of these GENERAL TERMS AND CONDITIONS.

In any case, the Bank reserves the right at any time and without prior notice to amend or eliminate the content, structure, design, services and conditions of access and/or use of this site, whenever it should deem this to be appropriate, as well as the right to interpret these conditions in as many questions as their application might raise.


All services offered by the Web Portal are free.

Access to and/or use of the Web Portal is totally voluntary and makes any person who does so a user. Every user, whether or not they are registered, from the time they access and without any reservation, accepts the content of these GENERAL TERMS AND CONDITIONS and, where appropriate, any “Special Conditions” that might complement, replace or modify them in any way in relation to the services and contents of the Web Portal. Consequently, users must carefully read each and every one before accessing and using any service of the Web Portal at their own risk.

In any case, the Bank reserves the right, at any time and without notice, to deny access to the Web Portal or to deactivate or cancel those registered users who fail to comply with any of these GENERAL TERMS AND CONDITIONS or the special conditions applicable to them, in accordance with the provisions of section 6 “Loss of user status” of these GENERAL TERMS AND CONDITIONS.


Web Portal registry is necessary for the use of the favourites and content storage.

To do this, users who wish to do so must complete the required form and give their express consent to the provisions of this document.

Users may unsubscribe as registered users at any time, through their private area in the Web Portal.


Subscription to the newsletter service will be by request of the user. Users will inform the Bank of their desire via the corresponding form with their contact email in order for the bank to inform them about contents and articles related to the Web Portal that may be of interest to them.

Users may unsubscribe from communications at any time via a link in the mail in which they are informed.


Users agree to use the services and contents provided by the Web Portal in accordance with applicable legislation, as set forth in section 8 of these GENERAL TERMS AND CONDITIONS, with the principles of good faith and with generally accepted uses and not to act in any way through the Web Portal that contravenes public order or that provided in the present GENERAL TERMS AND CONDITIONS. Therefore, any use for purposes that are illegal or which impair or prevent, may damage and/or in any way overload the use and normal operation of the Web Portal, or that directly or indirectly attempt against them or against any third party is prohibited.

The User of any of the Web Portal will not transmit anything that attempts against the values ​​and dignity of people through the services, tools, utilities, evaluations or comments on the contents of the Web Portal, in accordance with the national and international rules on the protection of human rights.

Web Portal users undertake to provide true and accurate information about themselves on their registration forms, and to register an email owned by them as an external e-mail.

Likewise, the reproduction, distribution, transmission, adaptation or modification, by any means and in any form of the contents of the Web Portal (texts, designs, graphics, information, databases, sound and/or image files, logos and other elements of these sites), is prohibited unless previously authorised by their legitimate owners or when this is permitted by law.

Likewise, any commercial or advertising use other than that strictly permitted, where applicable, and the general infringement of any right derived therefrom, is also forbidden with regard to the contents described above.

Users will have the obligation to be diligent and take the necessary security measures at all times to maintain the confidentiality of their password to the Web Portal. If such confidentiality should be altered, they must inform the Bank of any unauthorised access, improper use, misuse by third parties, loss, mislaying or theft of the passwords.


The reproduction of Web Portal pages by means of a hyperlink from another website or web page is not allowed, and only access to them is permitted.

In no case may it be implied that the Bank authorises the hyperlink or that it has supervised or in any way assumed the services or contents offered by the website from which the hyperlink is made.

No false, incorrect or inaccurate statements or references may be made about the Bank’s pages and services.

LThe page where the hyperlink is established may not have any badge that refers to the Bank, except the signs integrated in the hyperlink itself.

The creation of any type of browser, program or border environment on the pages of the Web Portal is explicitly prohibited.

Content that is contrary to the rights of third parties, morality or accepted good customs, or contents or illicit information, may not be included in the web page from which the hyperlink is made.

The existence of a hyperlink between a web page and the Web Portal does not imply the existence of relations between the Bank and the owner of that page, or the acceptance and approval of its contents and services.


The Bank has obtained the information and materials included in the Web Portal from sources considered reliable. However, although reasonable measures have been taken to ensure that the information contained is correct, Banco Santander does not guarantee that it is accurate, complete, or updated and, consequently, it should not be trusted as if it were. Banco Santander expressly declines any responsibility for any error or omission in the information contained in the pages of this Web Portal.

The Bank reserves the right to modify, suspend, cancel or restrict the content of the Web Portal, or the links or the information obtained through it, without the need for prior notice.

In no case shall the Bank, its branches, and/or its administrators, employees and authorised personnel be liable for any type of loss, damages, claims or expenses of any kind, whether or not they proceed from use of the Web, of the information acquired or accessed by or through it, computer viruses, operational failures or interruptions in the service or transmission, or line failures. The use of the Web Portal, either by direct connection or link or by other means, constitutes a warning to any user that these possibilities may occur.

It is forbidden to transmit or send any illegal or illicit content, computer viruses, or messages that, in general, affect or violate the rights of Grupo Santander or third parties through the Web Portal.

The contents of this Web Portal are for informational purposes only. This Web Portal does not provide any type of investment recommendation, or legal, fiscal or other kind of advice, and nothing that is included in it should be taken as a basis for making investments or taking decisions. Likewise, the information contained in this website is published for general use and does not take into account specific investment objectives, financial situations or the particular needs of any person. Before deciding on any investment, you should receive appropriate and specific professional advice.


The Bank may include third-party publications and content in the Web Portal. The Bank will not incur any responsibility for any direct or induced loss as a consequence of the use of such publications or analysis reports. In addition, this information may not be reproduced, distributed, or published by any recipient for whatever purpose.


Registered users may unsubscribe from the Web Portal and lose their condition as users thereof and the rights and data associated with their account freely and at any time, without any further requirement than to express their desire through their private profile on the Web Portal.

The Bank may also cancel Users registered in the Web Portal, and terminate the relationship established between both, with the latter losing the rights derived from such condition and the data associated with their account in the Web Portal, in the following cases:

  • If Users should breach any of these GENERAL TERMS AND CONDITIONS.
  • If the provision of the services of the Web Portal should, in the opinion of the Bank, cease to be viable.

Loss of the condition of user does not exclude the application of these conditions, which will continue to apply to issues or claims that may arise between the Bank and the user, after having requested this condition.


This Website is owned by Banco Santander, S.A. The rights of Intellectual Property and those of exploitation and reproduction of this Web, of its pages, screens, the information they contain, their appearance and design, as well as the hyperlinks that are established from it to other web pages of any company of the Grupo Santander is the exclusive property of the latter unless otherwise specified. All denominations, designs and/or logos that make up this page are duly registered brands. Any misuse of the same by a person other than their legitimate owner may be prosecuted in accordance with current legislation. The intellectual property rights and trademarks of third parties are conveniently highlighted and must be respected by everyone who accesses the Website. The downloading of the contents, copying or printing of any page of this website is only allowed for personal and private use. It is forbidden to reproduce, transmit, modify or delete the information, content or warnings of this website without prior written authorisation from Banco Santander.


The present GENERAL TERMS AND CONDITIONS shall be interpreted and governed by the laws of Spain. Any dispute in their regard will be submitted to the jurisdiction of the Courts of the city of Madrid.