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There are projects, ideas and people that make a difference, people who make the world go forward.
Behind every project, is an idea. And the driving force of ideas are people.

Santander Bank’s primary mission is to contribute to the economical and social progress of people and businesses in a way that is both responsible and sustainable, developing projects that help society, with a special commitment to higher education and giving support to disadvantaged groups. The Daily Prosper is Santander Bank’s platform and includes stories that provide value, that transform society, and that make its people think.

Come with us on this journey through topics as exciting as Education and Innovation. The Daily Prosper doesn’t just cover topics related to talent, entrepreneurship, digital revolution, or cybersecurity, but also discusses financial inclusion, diversity, and financing sustainable projects. Because our responsibility as a bank is to help people and businesses progress, while at the same time supporting growing inclusivity and sustainability.

For this, we would appreciate your feedback. You can contact us at and share your opinions, questions or suggestions.