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Dot Bustelo has designed Loupe, a streaming platform which allows users to enjoy contemporary works of art on any screen.

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Dot Bustelo has designed Loupe, a streaming platform which allows users to enjoy contemporary works of art on any screen.

When we think of contemporary art, a museum or gallery immediately comes to mind. The finished version of a piece of art is seen by the artist, but is often not showcased and doesn’t tend to reach the general public, due to the restrictions of exhibitions. Dot Bustelo, former specialist in software and sales for Apple, has decided to change this state of affairs.

Her proposal is called Loupe, a streaming platform which doesn’t bring music, films or TV series to its users: it offers art. The name is a phonetic play on words: it combines loupe and loop, words which define the essence of her project. The platform is an art repository which people can access using any device and which shows pieces from a variety of contemporary artists.

Every image is enlarged and displayed full-screen. Before moving on to the next piece, the user can tap the screen to see the name of the artist, the description of the artwork, and, if it is truly to their liking, acquire a hard copy.

The catalogue includes oil paintings, photographs, collages and illustrations, compiled in categories such as New York Art, Abstract, Surrealist Psychodelia and The Human Form 

Bustelo kicked off this adventure in 2015, with the aim of “making art accessible to everyone”. She had a dual objective: she wanted to offer the public a window into the world of contemporary art while providing artists with the opportunity to reach more people with their artwork.

She maintains these principles in her project today. Although she doesn’t rule out the possibility of increasing the catalogue with artwork from other time periods, she is currently focusing on modern pieces.

When she launched the platform, Bustelo was recognised for her career path in music design and production. She admits that she created Loupe after “realising that there was no platform that made contemporary art easily accessible”. At the moment, Loupe has a team of 140 artists from 18 countries, including the United States, Spain, the United Kingdom and Brazil.

In addition to being used in contemporary art lovers private homes, Loupe can be seen in airports, restaurants, hotels and at all types of private events. Thanks to this platform, contemporary art is closer to the public than ever.




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