Botanical technique for managing healthy food

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Have you ever wondered whether the fruit and vegetables that you consume each day are healthy? This is the story of Estanislao Martínez, CEO of AGQ Labs, a Spanish laboratory that guarantees that the fruit and vegetables we consume arrive at the point of sale in a perfect condition.

Estanislao Martínez is the CEO and founder of AGQ Labs, a company engaged in analysing the fruit and vegetables grown in the countryside in order to guarantee maximum quality. This Spanish SME focuses on ensuring that the fruit and vegetables that we consume in our homes have passed all the controls and that their quality is assured.

300 professionals work at the AGQ chemical centre and the company is present in more than 20 countries around the world. It has been awarded by Cofides (Spanish Development Financing Company) with the 2014 SME Foreign Project Prize. But the road was not easy, and as Estanislao Martínez explains, when times were hard, they managed to overcome some financial difficulties with the help of Banco Santander, especially in their expansion.

Sustainable agriculture does not need the best tools for crops, but a development model based on R&D+i. Customers of AGQ Labs are therefore able to know for sure whether a food can be consumed or not. AGQ invests an average of 10% to 15% of its turnover in R&D+i activities every year.

Many of the samples, such as oranges, usually have components that are truly healthy in themselves, so the result can be confusing. But thanks to the technology used in AGQ Labs, the results are accurate and the customer can know at any time whether the fruit can be taken to market or not.

Referring to this laboratory’s model of development based on excellence from the point of view of environmental sustainability, according to Estanislao, “Companies should allocate, at most, half of their resources to consolidate what is generating business. The rest must go on innovating and diversifying in related sectors that allow them to evolve and adapt to a market that is increasingly changing.”

In this way, it is contributing to a more sustainable agriculture, which allows for much safer and healthier foods.

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