Blazer laser light: a bicycle road safety invention

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Discover the story of Emily Brooke, founder and CEO of Blazer, a laser light device that warns drivers of the presence of cyclists.

Emily Brooke is a young British woman, lover of cycling and a user of this means of transport to move around the city. Blaze Laser Light was her final-year project at university, a simple but revolutionary idea that focused on the lives of people who get around by bicycle, thus avoiding many accidents.

It is a front light on the bicycle that projects the symbol of a bike on the road 4.5 metres ahead of it, making the cyclist visible among the vehicles. This light is green and is visible both day and night.

At just 27, Emily Brooke managed to get her project out thanks to the support of Banco Santander, which saw the promise in her idea and financed all the stages of the project. Today, Blaze Laser Light is exported to more than 55 countries.

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