Is it possible to cure aging? Cells say yes!

Spaniard Marc Ramis’ Company Senolytic Therapeutics had for years investigated how to eliminate a type of cell closely related to the aging process.

Data to find out what your client is like and increase sales

Big data has been a solid ally of sales departments for years, even though the volumes of data have now reached such a size that it poses a challenge when analyzing and visualizing information to make better decisions.

The BigData Era will improve user experience

Emails, likes, searches, online shopping, comments on social networks…. Every time we interact with a PC, we are producing valuable data. 

What can Big Data do for your business?

Even small businesses can use big data. And they have partners to help them make the most of it.

Big Data used to encourage people to cycle more

The entrepreneur Iván Páez has created a mobile app designed to prompt cyclists, governments and companies to turn to the bicycle as the go-to mode of transport par excellence.

Machine learning: the technology companies use to innovate

ICT (Information and Communication Technologies) have been integrated in such a way in our daily lives that it is impossible to imagine what it was like without them.