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We are more relaxed, but also more connected. So, if they don’t take time off, our computer security shouldn’t either.

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These months are a special time for cybercriminals to make a killing. We are more relaxed, but also more connected. So, if the cybercriminals don’t take time off, our computer security shouldn’t either.

Thanks to the Internet, our lifestyle has changed, and it is easier to contact people, go shopping or even work from home. The digital revolution has created an endless range of possibilities for everyone. Despite being a more comfortable and equal way of life, it could always be safer considering how we usually enjoy the advantages of the state-of-the-art technologies without paying attention to the possible risks.

The report “Summer 2018 State of the Internet / Security: Web Attack Report” elaborated by Akamai, highlights that the number of cyberattacks increased 16% last summer, in comparison to the same period in 2017.

Disconnecting from work and daily duties, we feel more relaxed. And it is precisely in that moment that we neglect our online security the most.

This is just an example of the situation we can face if we don’t take into account advice about good practices when we are browsing the Internet. “The lack of good habits and digital hygiene of citizens make us more susceptible to attacks”, explains Juan Corro, Academic Director of the Engineering Department of the Centro Universitario U-tad, where the Master Indra in Cybersecurity is taught.

How can we protect ourselves?

Apply these simple recommendations about cybersecurity and protect your presence online at all times.

Be careful with what you share

We’ve always heard “be careful so that people don’t notice that you’re on vacation”, “leave the blinds of your house half up”, “ask someone to pick up the mail…” Most of us have been following and sharing this advice for many years trying not to give away extra hints.

If we don’t tell our summer plans to the first person on the street, why do that through social networks? We must bear in mind that everything we share on our social networks is available to anyone: where we are, with whom, what we are doing… We show our life without understanding the lack of privacy we face. So remember to be cautious both online and in public.

In this case, it is advisable to share your photos after coming back home and review the privacy settings of your social networks in case you want to restrict some people from viewing your content.

Protect your pc and your information

It is really important to update your software and apps. Updates strengthen the security of your devices since these updates include improvements. In this way, not only will you protect your devices or computers, but all the information stored in them.

Protect your passwords

Reinforce the access to your devices and passwords. We know that using the same passwords is the easiest way to remember them, but this is true also for the cybercriminals who try to access our information.

In order to create the safest password, don’t focus on the complexity. Instead focus on the length. Experts recommend using “passphrases” – a password made up of three or four words –. For example, “Sun123%” is not safer than “Strawberries ice cream hot”. The first password can be deciphered in 49 seconds, while the second one takes ages to hack.

Don’t create passwords that are too short or based on personal data such as dates of birth, addresses or telephone numbers. It is important that you don’t use the same passwords for all your programs and apps.

Think twice before you click

An irresistible offer? At times, things are not as they seem. Use your instincts and be careful with emails, social network messages or unexpected calls.

If you think anything is suspicious, don’t trust it. Think before downloading any file or opening any link when you don’t know the origin or sender.

Don’t forget this advice on your holidays.

Keeping these recommendations in mind is putting common sense into practice. And common sense may be the best way to avoid falling into the traps of cybercriminals.

So, this summer, get involved with cybersecurity!

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