Feel safe about buying online on this Black Friday

Black Friday and Cyber Monday are two days inherited from the Anglo-Saxon market that have already settled into other countries such as Spain, as any other commercial custom.

Public WiFi Networks: better use them carefully

They have opened up a world of possibilities for us. We can find them everywhere. WiFi networks have become part of our lives.

7 bad practices in cybersecurity that we commit unwittingly

We often enjoy the advantages that technology offers us without considering the risks to which we can expose ourselves.

What to do when your online identity has been stolen?

Today, almost every Internet user has a profile in one of the social networks, something apparently innocent. However, we must adopt certain preventive.

Get involved with cybersecurity!

We are more relaxed, but also more connected. So, if they don’t take time off, our computer security shouldn’t either.

How to avoid computer viruses

The best way to protect ourselves is to install an antivirus, but we have to realize that the system has mechanisms to protect itself.

Blockchain technology to protect the environment

Blockchains can bring a new perspective to the fight against climate change, biodiversity protection and the safety of air and water. Proposals are based on incentives managed with tokens and cryptocurrencies, and on decentralized and reliable processes.