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Science fiction? No, these technologies are already reality

Many inventions that we use in our day-to-day lives, as well as technological innovations that years ago we couldn't even imagine, have sprung from the imagination of writers and scriptwriters. Self-driving cars, electric cars, space travel and food printers. What will be the next thing to jump off the page and into real life?

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Circular economy: towards a more sustainable world

The ideal aim pursued by the circular economy is that the word waste be erased from the dictionary. Since the Industrial Revolution, we have been rich in rubbish but poor in resources. The speed at which we are consuming the goods and services that we get from the planet, as well as the constantly rising population, mean that the pressure we are putting on ecosystems is becoming unsustainable in the future.

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Television and social networks, the perfect duo

Television consumption has changed dramatically since the arrival of social networks, and the screen of our mobile phone has become even more of a protagonist than that of the television set. In order to be a 2.0 viewer you need to follow trending topics and hashtags and participate in the online social conversation in which the rest of the public is involved. Is social television already here?

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Towards a cashless world

China is leading the way in the global trend towards digital payments, with 14 percent of its people already leaving the house without a wallet. Europe is following hot on China’s heels. Whether it is via a mobile phone, smart watch or internet platform, users are looking for faster, more secure and more convenient transactions. Are we facing the end of cash money?

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Kristina Tsvetanova: an iPad for the blind

Reading an e-mail, studying your course material online or simply reading an e-book. For most, those tasks are a piece of cake. However, what about the sight impaired? During her last year of university, Kristina Tsvetanova witnessed how hard it was for her blind friend to follow an online course. There are narrating apps, of course, but they always get slow and tiresome when the texts are long. Can you imagine listening to an entire book read by a metallic, soulless voice?

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Learn a language, programming, mathematics or finance: the ‘apps’ to make best use of your mobile

In close competition with the computer, mobile devices are the perfect accompaniment for us to make the most of those empty little parts of the day. They are small, we always carry them with us, they are more economical and start working instantaneously, so that we are able to use them during our moments of maximum concentration.

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Autonomous Vehicles: Here´s How They Drive Themselves

Having a car drive itself is more a question of technology than magic. Radars, sensors, cameras and artificial intelligence are some of the tricks hiding within the frames of these driverless vehicles, a breakthrough with the potential to not only greatly reduce the number of accidents but also completely revolutionize our economy. Click here to find out who (or what) will control the car that you won´t have to drive.

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