Grupo Zeta

The Zeta Group founded in 1976 by Antonio Asensio Pizarro is one of the most important companies of the communication sector in Spain with over 50 publications on and off. It also has a daily press unit with six general newspapers, two sports newspapers and fifteen headers on different subjects.

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When art moves masses: the revolution with a brush stroke

Art is not an inert concept. It has life, that given by those social movements that find their perfect allies to spread their ideas in painting, sculpture or graffiti. Through artistic expression, they claim a transformation of reality beyond beauty, and social art is one that stirs you, which makes you think about what position to take or makes you question a philosophy that until now you considered correct.

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Grants and Programs for Female Inclusion

A recent study into the fields of technology and science in Spain shows a worrying outlook for women: at a time when there are more female students attending public universities (54%), the number goes down when referring to the number of theses read (50%), practicing female scientists (39%), executives and professors (21% at the public level and 43% in the private sector).

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Crowdfunding or microsponsorship: what does group funding consist of?

In the last decade, many anonymous people have made their dreams come true thanks to crowdfunding, which is also known as micro-sponsorship. Ideas of all kinds, from the world of culture, through solidarity, leisure, politics to the world of business; all have been possible thanks to the convergence between enterprise and community. This is what makes crowdfunding great: the fact you can have an idea, launch it on any group funding platform and convince the public that your project has added value to achieve economic investment.

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Be healthy: activate yourself doing these three urban sports

The mercury is going up, summer is just around the corner and I want more than ever to change my gym routine under cover for a little exercise in the heat of the first rays of the sun. Spring is even the time of the year to encourage the laziest to start moving. To start 'sweating the shirt' this season, we suggest several forms of outdoor sports that are very topical and that promise to help athletes achieve their basic goals: to be in shape, feel good about themselves and never stop having fun. Watch out, they are catchy!

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