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5 ideas to handle domestic accounting efficiently

The end of the month is here and you realize that you have less money than expected in your checking account but you do not know the reason of this imbalance. It sounds familiar, doesn’t it? We are always in a hurry, meeting commitments, and we do not stop to analyze the state of our finances, but the solution is at your fingertips: designing and maintaining a domestic accounting.

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Learn to reconcile your sports routine with your work

Whenever we talk about conciliation, we think about making family and work life compatible, something that has yet to sink in in Spain. We have all worked in companies where we spend more hours than necessary in the workplace to maintain a high level of productivity. However, the concept of conciliation is much broader and must also include other elements, such as leisure and, more specifically, sport.

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Underfloor heating: costs vs. efficiency

Summer is coming to an end and in a week or two you will be sorting through your wardrobe looking for winter clothing and checking that the heating system will be ready when you need it. Whether you have electric radiators or a heating system with a gas boiler, or whether you just use stoves or heaters, this is the ideal moment to think about the system that you have in your home.

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