Meet us: The Daily Prosper

Every day might seem the same: get up, have breakfast, go to school or work, stop for lunch, continue with the routine, come home and go to sleep.

But there are actually days when you pass the exam you have been studying for so long, when you discover a new flavour without which you cannot live from now on or when you see something that excites you and inspires you. When you feel this, you feel as if you are floating, that nothing or no one can stop you, that you have a special drive: You feel you are prospering.

The Daily Prosper is Banco Santander’s platform that helps you to prosper, that seeks to inspire you and to give you the keys to enrich your life.

You, life, the world. The three elements that must be in tune for good things to happen.

You, because you are important and have a lot to give society, and because when you are happy with yourself you have no bounds.

Life, because you want to improve your purchasing power, always get ahead and feel you are evolving on all levels.

The world, because what surrounds you influences you, makes you what you are and can give you too many good things for you to let it go by.

In Santander we work to help people and businesses prosper, as we know that we can be a means for people like you to achieve their goals and advance in life. This is the mission that encourages us to get up each morning.