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What makes a business profitable? What is necessary for business success

When starting a business, all entrepreneurs the same question in common. What makes a business profitable? No matter the nature of your company, its ultimate goal is to make you earn money and gain profitability. After all, we talk about having profits, but to achieve this, we have to achieve that coveted business success, a complicated aspiration, though not impossible.

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Theatre therapy: therapy on the stage

Today there are many surprising treatments that serve to improve aspects of the psyche that we might not have studied so much. From relaxation sessions, new sports formulae that combine different disciplines, studies on the effects of music on patients, etc. It should not surprise us that, within these alternative options, the theatre is one of those most used. Its use as a treatment is called theatre therapy and it has many benefits.

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Social investment: commitment to chilhood education

We live in a very complex world where changes are constant. Those who do not have access to information simply remain on the sidelines and this generates inequalities that are very difficult to combat if you do not have solid foundations established in childhood. Investing in education is knowing that the society you are going to have will be more and better prepared to face the changes and also the different types of problems.

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Christmas Around the World: 10 Different Traditions

Everywhere around the world, Christmas is a season for family gatherings and local traditions. Celebrations are not limited to Catholic nations, and have even reached countries like China, where Christmas represents a chance to experience a Western lifestyle. Discover ten different ways of celebrating Christmas. Perhaps you will be inspired to spend this holiday season away from home.

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Beyond money-Film

How far would you be willing to go for money? Would you sell the best experiences of your life to get more money? Learn about the story of Lucia, a young woman who gets rid of all her memories, even the most intimate, to maintain her high standard of living.

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Anxiety in the classrooms, how does stress affect students?

In recent times there has been an intense debate over the optimal level of pressure to which students should be exposed. While on the one hand, some defend the traditional requirement and homework and exams, on the other schools without homework have also emerged, parents who prefer less traditional and more practical methods for their children, alternatives to exams and generally greater attention to students’ moods.

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How to foster enterprising talent from university?

“The greatest risk is not to take risks. In such a fast changing world, the only strategy guaranteed to fail this that of not taking risks”. This phrase from Mark Zuckerberg, founder of Facebook, sums up the spirit that has driven thousands of entrepreneurs on their way to success. Risks have to be taken in order to triumph, but it is also necessary to have solid basis to guarantee a promising future. In this sense, university training plays a fundamental role.

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