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EL ESPAÑOL is a Spanish digital news site, written in Spanish. It began publication in October 2015. Its editor is Pedro J. Ramírez, cofounder and former editor of El Mundo and Diario 16.

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Bikram yoga: getting in shape at over 40 degrees

Bikram Yoga was created for healing in a country like India, where going to the doctor or getting medicine was very difficult. With its expansion to the USA, it became popular and is now the favourite exercise of celebrities. Macarena Cutillas, director of Californian Hot Yoga in Madrid, left her job as a lawyer to learn and teach this discipline.

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Increasing demand for female managers by large companies

Female workers are “breaking the glass ceiling”, a term we are hearing more and more frequently. The term, coined in 1986 in a Wall Street Journal article (The Glass Ceiling: Why Women Can’t Seem to Break the Invisible Barrier That Blocks Them from the Top Jobs by Carol Hymowitz and Timothy D. Schellhardt), refers to the existence of invisible barriers – hence the expression “glass” - that impede female workers from getting promoted to management positions, which are traditionally occupied by men.

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