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Technology against identity fraud

Technology to protect businesses against identity fraud

IDWall is a Brazilian start-up that verifies documents, identities and personal details using artificial intelligence algorithms and data analysis. A platform that creates bonds of trust in the digital business era


“For me, prosperity means doing what you love and having a positive impact on the world". This is how the Brazilian entrepreneur Lincoln Ando summarizes the spirit of his IDWall platform, with which he is proposing to solve a major problem in his country: identity fraud. From the beginning of his career in 2011 he was aware of the losses caused by this type of crime, and so he decided to seek an innovative way to protect businesses against digital identity theft

This start-up, which came into being in 2016, reinvents how customers are identified and how personal documents are checked in order to optimize process time and effectiveness. According to figures for the second quarter of 2018 from Kaspersky Lab, Brazil is the country with the highest proportion of users attacked by identity theft, with 15.51%, followed by China (14.77%) and Georgia (14.44%). Turning to data analysis and facial recognition implies a revolution in the strengthening of trust relationships in a digital business. 

So how does IDWall work? 

By way of example, we will use the process of opening a bank account.  Once the client delivers a photograph of their ID document taken with a mobile phone and a selfie, the team of almost 80 people at IDWall will verify with OCR (optical character recognition) that the applicant is the owner of the ID. In this way, the process would go from taking two weeks - the usual time frame in the Latin American country - to just a few minutes.

After that, they will check their solvency by referring to more than 220 data sources, including lists of defaulters and ongoing court rulings, they will cross-reference the information and calculate a user risk rate based on what the user requested. Ando’s system saves organizations the time it would take to manually check everything, and above all, allows them to avoid potential losses arising from cyber fraud offences.

These technologies prevent everything from cases of identity theft linked to fake loans to thefts of rental vehicles, and they also automate business processes while improving the user experience. “We can find out more about a person and that helps us to democratize access to many different services," adds Ando.

Today, more than a hundred companies in the techno-financial sector - car rental, online banks, investment funds and companies undergoing mergers and acquisitions - minimize their risk thanks to the system created by Lincoln Ando, winner of Innovators under 35 Latin America 2018 from MIT Technology Review in Spanish“We will continue to develop new technology to give users access to more services in Brazil and then in other countries," he promises.