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Nutrisato, the natural fertiliser that helps fruit grow faster

Nutrisato, the natural fertiliser that helps fruit grow faster

See Nutrisato, a revolutionary project that will allow the agricultural production system to produce healthier foods with fewer chemicals than traditional methods.


The current production system is not sustainable. Don Juan, a farmer with organic production, has been the first to try Nutrisato, a natural alternative to traditional pesticides that has less negative effects on production.

Nutrisato, a project from Doctor Alejandro Muñoz (Biochemist of the University of Santiago de Chile) and Rodrigo Ferreira (Commercial Engineer of the University of Santiago), is a plant growth biostimulant that is biofortified with various nutrients, allowing normal, organic and natural plant and fruit growth. In addition to fortifying the soil, it also provides many nutrients.

Thanks to the "Abre en Chile" programme, an initiative of the Innovation Centre of the Universidad Pontificia Católica de Chile with Banco Santander, Nutrisato has produced the same quantity and quality of product as chemical fertilisation, providing greater development of the root and leaf growth. Nutrisato is a company with a social focus, whose mission is to improve the quality of life of millions of families who depend on small-scale agriculture for a living.