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Apps médicas para llevar el diagnóstico en el bolsillo

Medical apps for a pocket diagnosis

Talking and seeing people thousands of kilometres away in real time, swapping photos, using your GPS to find your way, finding a fashionable place to eat, sending emails ... Yes, there is no doubt that these are impressive things that you can do with your smartphone, but the world of mobile applications has also made it possible for us to improve our quality of life from the field of health. There are now more than 100,000 applications dedicated to this sector, and here we present eight of them.

1. VIDA: goodbye to the clinics

Don’t like waiting rooms in health centres? Has your son got sick at midnight? Are you out of your city and you need to see a doctor? There are endless reasons why VIDA can become your best ally, but this Swedish application has come to answer them all. Just download the application, select your symptoms (or those of the patient) from a proposed list, say whether you suffer from any allergies or whether you are taking any medication and even, if you think it is necessary, send a photograph. For 20 euros per consultation, a doctor will contact you by video call, diagnose and prescribe the medications they consider necessary or recommend you go to emergencies if the symptoms require.

Price: 20 euros per consultation

2. DOCTORALIA: score and give your opinion on your doctor

As if it were a restaurant or a hotel, Doctoralia allows you to give opinions and to score doctors. This free platform also allows you to arrange appointments at with a single click and search for the best professionals and healthcare centres. Its list exceeds 3.5 million professionals. Of course, as with some Tripadvisor users, doctors should expect to receive bad scores from their patients publicly; the price they have to pay for greater visibility.

Price: Free

3. RECUERDAMED: never again will you take two tablets that do the same

Maybe you have not yet had to take more than four or eight medications a day. If so, congratulations, you are in good health! But the fact is that many people do have to take a lot of medication, especially beyond 65 years of age. It is very difficult to do this, which is why the Observatory for Patient Safety, which is part of the Health Quality Agency of Andalusia, has created RecuerdaMed, a free mobile application that produces complete medication lists allowing both users (or caregivers) and health professionals to have all the medicines under control and compared in order to avoid duplication, which one of the main mistakes that are made when such extensive and varied treatment is needed.

Price: Free

4.SLEEPIO: say goodbye to those long sleepless nights

Modern society has brought many benefits to our lives, this list is an example of it, but it has also brought some undesired effects, such as sleepless nights. The solution for insomnia is in your mobile and is called Sleepio. This application, developed by the University of Oxford, employs cognitive-behavioural therapies and is customised for each user thanks to mobile connectivity and its different wearless, which will monitor your activity and rest to make it possible. The program will calculate the hours you sleep and only let you stay in bed for that time to gradually increase the time as you sleep better.

Price: free download. Requires payments to receive the reports.

5. CONTIGO: support in breast cancer

This application, directed by Laura García Estévez of the Breast Unit of the Clara Campal Integral Oncology Centre of Madrid, has been created by 16 women with breast cancer to support patients suffering from this disease. In it we can see how its creators managed to beat cancer and answer all kinds of doubts that may arise. Physical exercise, nutrition and sexuality are some of the topics addressed directly, clearly and closely. Users will find support tools in the form of videos, texts, physical exercises guided by a physiotherapist and infographics where they can see the different phases of the life of the tumour.

Price: Free

6. APEC: the psychologist knocking at your door

If you need a psychologist, but are too lazy to go to the clinic, let them be the one who comes to you. APEC puts psychology professionals in contact with patients so that they can be treated at home, a solution which according to APEC improves the results thanks to its comfort and effectiveness. You can do it from 59 euros for a single session, or cheaper if you choose one of your monthly vouchers ranging from one consultation a week to four. For the moment, it is available in 14 Spanish cities and over 2,000 patients have been treated by its more than 800 professionals. The idea is so well liked that it has been awarded by numerous institutions, such as the Complutense University, the Chamber of Commerce of Madrid, Pozuelo de Alarcón City Council, Banco Santander and several women's associations.

Price: 59 euros for one session. Monthly vouchers available

7. MALARIASPOT: see whether you have got malaria as you play

As you read: Malariaspot allows you to diagnose malaria in yourself through a simple game in which you have to recognise the parasites responsible for this disease in different images. It may not be very useful in Spain, but in Mozambique, where the this application was first tested, the Mozambicans sent their answers in less than 15 minutes after the Health Research Centre in Manhiça launched the app. Today already has more than 30,000 players in a hundred countries. It was developed by a team of researchers from the Polytechnic University of Madrid (UPM) through the Purple Mosquito Operation campaign and has been recognised by the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT), the City of Ideas in Mexico, NASA and the White House Science and Technology Office, among other entities.

Price: Free

8. DERMOMAP: support to professionals

Diagnosing skin diseases is one of the most complex tasks of many doctors’ daily work. Dermomap has been developed to support them in this task; an application that contains a large bank of photographs that will help professionals identify injuries easily and thus be able to apply an appropriate treatment. The app also allows students to improve their knowledge through the exam service.

Price: 8.99 euros