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Livestock implanted with microchips

Livestock implanted with microchips and digitalizing the primary sector

ItechTerm has developed a Wi-Fi system using Big Data to monitor the body temperature of cows and to make the tasks of the farmer easier


We usually associate technology with the rise of big cities, overcrowded spaces, and urban communities. However, in rural areas the primary sector is where innovation is needed most so as not to fall into the digital gap which becomes more evident every day. 

Elio López, worried about the lack of technology in the primary sector, is a founder at iTechTerm, an initiative aimed at detecting diseases in cows: “It has to do with a sensor that creates algorithms for detecting diseases in animals by collecting data from the body and sending an alert to the farmer”.

The system is based on a microchip placed under the skin which, thanks to being able to measure body temperature of the livestock, finds bacterial, metabolic, or other infections. Raised on his parent’s farm, López understood from a young age how difficult it was to lead a “normal life” while taking care of their livestock. “In 50 years, my father never took a holiday, so we had to do something”.

“The chip is implanted under the skin of the animal in order to monitor it”. Once the device has read and gathered the cow's data, it sends it through an internet connection to software that compares them to thousands of animals at other farms. In such way, ItechTerm uses Big Data and, if anything anomalous is detected the cow's health, sends an alert to the farmer as a result.

Working together with his partner, the veterinarian from Galicia is successfully developing this initiative, considered “cutting edge” and has, in fact, garnered attention from investors around the world. “Travelling to the Silicon Valley and visit leading technology companies was amazing”, he said. Lopez was one of the finalists of the project Explorer, Santander Bank’s program which has for nine consecutive years propelled entrepreneurship, sending the finest young Spanish entrepreneurs to California. 

From the rooftop of a hotel in the middle of San Francisco’s financial district, the young entrepreneur explains the concerning situation from which the rural sector is suffering in his homeland. “Villages are being abandoned. Farms are managed by people, and without people, there are no farms. We need technology to help farmers better carry out their jobs”. By investing time and resources, iTechTerm would be a brilliant idea and would become a tool capable of improving the profitability, efficiency and standard of living for thousands of farmers around the world.