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Learn to make the most of your business with geolocation

Learn to make the most of your business with geolocation

You have just sat down in a restaurant, you are looking at the menu and you can’t make up your mind. Immediately your mobile receives a notification that recommends the dishes other users have preferred. You are walking in the city, and suddenly you receive an exclusive promotion of a shop that is very nearby and of which you are a customer. These are just two examples of how to give your business the ‘magic’ of geolocation or the ability to obtain the actual geographic location of a user through a device connected to the Internet. Now, thanks to technology, you can make your customers find you and you can find them too.

From the viewpoint of the company, geolocation is a mobile shop window through which to promote oneself simply, and at the same time a window that allows the situation of the customers (and that of the competition) to be known. In short, it is a new resource for both large companies and small start-ups, which find great benefits in sharing the location of their businesses, including finding new customers, assuring the loyalty of the customers they already have, and improving the brand’s presence on the market.

From the users’ viewpoint, this tool allows information to be found on a company or a specific place. Therefore, consumers are showing ever more interest in the applications and geolocation services, both to share their location for the services they offer and to know everything we have around us: a store, a restaurant for a bank. If to geolocation we add the social networks, which have become one of the most effective means for promoting a brand or a business, we can know the needs of both our present and potential customers, we can know where they are and offer them a product adapted to their preferences.

Today, there is a wide range of options allowing us to discover the power of geolocation. The new apps, the web applications and the social networks are now drawing on this capacity to offer customers a new experience.

Locate your company on the maps

Your users have to know where you are. There is no point in having an online presence if we do not tell users where to find us physically. Geolocation is what is going to allow our business to be located on a virtual map to tell our present and future customers where we are.

This might be through the proximity of their location, because they want to know our products and are attracted by the recommendations of the users, or simply because we are on their route. Google Business is a free service where customers can find us simultaneously in three ways: through Google, Google Maps and Google+ (Red Social). On the opposite side is the competition, Bing Places for Business, a professional business directory created by Microsoft for its Bing search engine.

Aprende a sacar partido a tu negocio con la geolocalización

"Users accessing your page can find an image of the map with your company’s location"

Geolocation is an added value that you must also offer on your corporate website. In this way, for instance, users accessing your page can find an image of the map with your company’s location and easily discover how to get from where they are or from another alternative address. What’s more, if the users are using a mobile device, they can access the location system through the many available maps applications.

Build your reputation

If you want to make the most of all the benefits of geolocation, you must register in other specialised services like Foursquare or Yelp. This will give your company greater visibility as, by being positioned in different networks, the users will have a better chance of checking into your business and you can improve the scope of your target.

Foursquare is a free application created in 2009 for desktop and mobile which was a real revolution when it appeared. Based on device geolocation, it shows places of interest recommended by users, such as restaurants, bars, supermarkets, etc. Not long ago, Foursquare divided into two applications: Foursquare and Swarm. The first of these, with the original utility and the interests of the users, and the second as an amusing complement to the first, to check into those places where the user is at the time.

Another very useful and similar tool is Yelp, which can be used to find the best businesses in the surroundings in real-time, as well as to get information on them through the comments, advice or photos other users of the applications have left before. Yelp also has a free account for companies through which the business pages can be called and a practical promotion tool can be obtained (offers by check-in), among other interesting functions.

Launch and offer an exclusive promotion

One of the most common uses of geolocation is to attract customers in the proximity of the business by launching an exclusive offer or promotion. This is an option that can be added to the apps you develop for your company and which will help you make profits, for the fact is that a good timely offer can enhance sales, as well as being an excellent way to gain the loyalty of customers regularly passing by your business.

Make use of the social networks

The social networks can also give you a hand. In many cases, users include location data through their Twitter, Instagram or Facebook accounts. Interesting statistics can thus be obtained to help to understand what users are calling for, which is the best area to set up another business, the best times to open it, etc.

Very important: activate the location option in all of your corporate social networks and so every time you publish something, your followers can see where you are. Sometimes the difference between a customer entering our business or that of the competition lies in managing to make ourselves seen, so we must tell them where we are by all possible means.