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Instant identification

Instant identification in case of emergency

Emerid System has managed to develop a system which, through NFC technology, instantly provides personal, medical, and contact information of the user in case of an emergency


At just 23 years old, San Francisco brings Iñigo Borde good memories. Five years ago, there in the Golden Gate city, was where the entrepreneur from Bilbao had the idea to develop an emergency identification system using his experience as an employee at a surf company. "One day, before a meeting, I was telling a coworker a story about an Australian surfer who had an accident in France, and I thought it’s a shame there is not a system for identifying the victim in such cases."

That's precisely the idea that today has become, along with its four partners, Emerid System: a company capable of installing NFC technology in clothes and other items in order for them to speak on behalf of the user in case of an emergency. The NFC technology, explains Iñigo, "is the same that allows us, for example, to use a contactless device or enter a hotel room with just the swipe of a keycard. What we do is install this on clothes." 

How it works is surprisingly simple. Iñigo explains to us taking out wetsuit similar to that which a surfer or diver uses day to day. "By placing the mobile phone on the Emerid identification logo, all user information is accessed immediately, no need to have downloaded any application or program onto your Smartphone. "Name, origin, blood type, allergies, contact telephone... a lot of useful data that could help emergency services save the life of affected individual.

The fact that Iñigo is back in San Franciscowhere his idea was bornis no coincidence. Emerid System has managed to be one of the fifty finalists of the Explorer Program, the initiative of Santander Bank, which for the ninth year in a row, has sent the best young Spanish entrepreneurs to the Silicon Valley, the Mecca of world innovation. There, in addition to visiting and touring the inner sanctums of companies like Facebook, Google, and Airbnbwere able to meet the rest of the project's finalists all coming from the different "spaces" that the program has scattered across Spain. "It's amazing to be here again, and to be able to meet many other entrepreneurs with brilliant ideas."

From an emblematic building looking out over San Francisco's Chinatown, Iñigo looks proudly back on what he’s achieved in recent years, despite the difficulties. "I still have a long way to goand the entrepreneur who tells you everything is going well, is lyingYou have to make mistakesstart over againpersevere... the attitude of getting up in the morning and wanting to continueis what builds progress."

Developed in collaboration with the company “Zealand Neopren”, Borde and his partners are already marketing the first intelligent neoprene suit on the market. In addition, they are already finishing up negotiations for the application of their technology in other fields, from cycling to suitcases, bathing suits to helmets, amongst a number of different proposals. Although security is one of the fields in which the technology has advanced in recent years, in many cases such innovation requires software or a mobile application to have a good result. Emerid System, one of the finalist projects of the 2018 Explorer program, is therefore an exception to that rule.