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Influencers: The overwhelming job of the 21st century

Influencers: The overwhelming job of the 21st century

They have large armies of followers, an incredible appeal and are those most desired by the brands. They started by sharing their interests in their blogs and have become true creators of content, turning their hobby into a profession.

Ten years ago, when Aida Domènech premiered, the blog where she would publish her looks, fashion discoveries and beauty tricks, she hardly imagined that she would end up becoming an icon for her more than 2.1 million followers. Since then, the Catalan blogger has worked for countless brands, has created her own online store, a book, a perfume, a fashion festival and has even been a coach on the programme 'Quiero ser'. A very versatile profession in which, according to, a promotional photo on Instagram can cost 3,500 euros.

Alexandra Pereira, founder of the blog Lovely Pepa, and Chiara Ferragni, creator of The Blonde Salad, are two other young people who have managed to turn their posts on the social networks into a business. This phenomenon has even become the object of study, since in 2015 some students from the Harvard Business School devoted their case study to investigating the Italian blogger's success strategy.

Technology has played a fundamental role in these digital natives becoming trend-setters and the image of well-known firms. The rise of the social networks has given a voice to anonymous people to demonstrate their skills in the field of fashion, video games or music. As Phil González (@PhilGonzalez), founder of the Instagramers world community and author of the book Instagram, ¡mucho más que fotos! says, "There are artists like Pablo Alborán or Russian Red, who have become known exclusively through YouTube." He explains, "The influencers are 100% digital anonymous people whose talent has been discovered on the Internet." These are distinguished from influential people in that the latter "are people who already exerted an influence because of their media nature and who have managed to adapt to the digital sphere". One example of this is the actress Paula Echevarría, now an 'it-girl' through her Instagram profile.

The unstoppable development of digitalisation has changed the way new generations consume content. Digital platforms and social networks have displaced television as a means of entertainment, while in the online world, blogs have also taken a back seat. Instagram and YouTube, where visual content prevails, have become the fashionable networks among the ‘millennials’.

The future of influencers, says Phil González, "depends on their ability to adapt to new appearing platforms and social networks." If they do not want to be forgotten, they will have to reinvent themselves and adjust their strategy to the latest trends.

"A promotional photo on Instagram can cost 3,500 euros"

"A promotional photo on Instagram can cost 3,500 euros"

The influencers who most conquer their followers in Spain …

In addition to Dulceida and Lovely Pepa, in Spain there are a large number of influencers in various social networks. These are only some of them:

El Rubius (@elrubiusOMG)

With a Midas touch, Rubén Doblas is the most followed youtuber in Spain and has more than 27 million followers in his channel. The majority of his content is based on gameplays, videos in which he comments on a video game while playing it. What began in 2006 with his first video, has reached the production of an anime series based on then comic Virtual Hero, along with Movistar+ and Zeppelin TV.

Laura Escanes (@lauraescanes)

It may be that for many this 21-year-old girl will no longer be anonymous when her relationship with Risto Mejide is known, but the truth is that Laura Escanes had been taking her first steps as a model on Instagram for some time. Since then she has accumulated almost a million followers, with whom she shares her travels, her love for writing and her collaborations with brands.

Patry Jordán (@gymvirtual_com)

This Catalan is one of the fitness and beauty youtubers with more followers from Spain. In her Virtual Gym channel she offers videos with exercise routines and trainings to promote a healthy lifestyle among her followers.

Marta and Javier Cocheteux (@ellunescierroelpico)

Two siblings united by their passion for cooking who, in their blog El lunes cierro el pico, share recipes for all tastes, dining experiences and even courses for individuals and companies.

Marina Comes  (@marinacomes)

Marina Comes was a lawyer before becoming one of the travel instagramers with the most followers in Spain (213,000). But one day she decided to quit her job to travel around the world and inspire with her photos.

"The rise of the social networks has given a voice to anonymous people to demonstrate their skills"

"The rise of the social networks has given a voice to anonymous people to demonstrate their skills"

… and around the world:

Chiara Ferragni heads the list of the most important influencers around the world, but we must not lose sight of those behind her:

Danielle Bernstein (@weworewhat)

At just 25, Danielle is second on the Forbes list of the most important fashion influencers in the world. Her blog 'We Wore What' has launched her to such fame that she charges more than 15,000 dollars for a photograph.

Murad Osmann and Natalia Zakharova (@muradosmann)

Murad Osmann is a Russian photographer who travels the world with his partner, Natalia Zakharova, and immortalizes it in iconic photographs with the hashtag #followmeto.

Shona Vertue (@shona_vertue)

This yoga teacher is the personal trainer of David Beckham himself, a staunch defender of fitness and healthy eating and author of the book The Vertue Method. And she shares her lifestyle with her more than 212,000 followers.

Daniel Middleton (@DanTDM)

With a sum of 16.5 million dollars in 2017, this Briton heads the list of the highest paid youtubers in the world. Before becoming known for analysing videogames in his channel, Daniel filled the shelves in the Tesco supermarket chain, but thanks to the popular game Minecraft, his life changed radically.

Aimee Song (@songofstyle)

This interior designer has more than 4 million followers on Instagram. Her passion for decoration and interior design has made her one of the most followed bloggers in the world.