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How to disconnect from digital life in 6 steps

How to disconnect from digital life in 6 steps

If you delight when the mobile phone battery runs out, if you sniff the pages of the books with nostalgia and you even begin to look suspiciously at the innocent microwave oven, perhaps you need a digital break and a bit of enjoyment of traditional life.

The technological evolution is so ingrained in everyday life and allows tedious tasks to be replaced with others simpler and more agile. The advantages of electronic and instant messaging, of the Internet in general and of the chips installed in a myriad of tools around us are undeniable.

But when you go into your kitchen and it reminds you of 2001: a space odyssey and you yearn to regain control over your surroundings, the time has come to remember analogue life and to pay a small tribute to it. To what extent does the digital world help you, and from where has it taken over a part of your life in which freedom and taste for doing the little things reigned? Let's face every second with love.


Read, travel with the mind, but do it really

Do not let someone else drive for you. The television, the computer and the mobile can offer you exciting contents, but they leave little to your imagination. Retrieve the book, the comic, allow yourself to recreate what you read, to build atmospheres, portraits, voices and faces.

Be your own driver. Surely you remember those times when you watched a film based on a novel you had read and ... it was not the same. Your story was always better, and the film missed thousands of details that had enriched your version.


Draw, write, model

Be free in your creations. Sometimes you might feel the need to use your hands. Of course. All that skin surface that covers us can become a magic wand. Have you tried putting your hands in mud and see what they do alone? The cursor is very limited. Get out, mix and let your fingers enjoy.

Put your fingers in paint, squeeze handfuls of clay, let the pencils flow alone. Although drawing, like physical exercise, feeds itself with practice, you don’t have to be an artist. The magic lies in getting carried away, enjoying, recreating spontaneous ideas and touching, touching things, using colours, arranging handwritten words and finding the music that only you know. The computer mouse is such a limited instrument compared with your hands.


Run, dance, walk, do yoga, handstands and hikes in the mountains 

Skate, walk across the park. Your feet are not less than your hands, and also pull the rest of your body. Enjoy it. Move yourself and generate your own video game. Get involved. Virtual reality is very real, but what is real is always much more authentic. Online shopping can be as convenient as it is practical, but squeezing an avocado in the store to test its ripeness is priceless.

Use the online version for the inevitable, for which there is not enough time; but enjoy a stroll around the shops around you to choose what you find the most appetising, wrap yourself in the scents of fresh fruit and the cheerful talk of your traditional butcher.

How to disconnect from digital life in 6 steps

"Virtual reality is very real, but what is real is always much more authentic"

Cook, eat. Stop photographing food 

Build an intimate relationship with your food beyond publishing it. It is satisfaction and energy for your body and mind, and another form of creativity. Do you really care what others eat? It would be interesting to analyse why.

A healthy and tasty meal can only be improved with the right company of those people we always want close by. Savour, chew and stretch that moment out in time. A photographic snapshot will never capture the essence.

Watch your digital double closely

Look in your social networks. They are good to recover distant friendships, to connect, to share moments. But it is always better to use them to enjoy those moments live, to relate in person, to talk. Introduce your friends, go out to dinner, recommend what you like, go shopping in groups ... And please, walk or drive into the distance.

It is not necessary to always follow the established path. You will discover new places, you will do sport, you will feel the freedom to do it. You can turn off the location services on your mobile. People don’t have to know where you are at all times. If you think about it, you are likely to find more drawbacks than benefits.


And if you have thoroughly disconnected

If your life progresses backwards in time, you are likely to have parked the famous FOMO (Fear Of Missing Out) forever. This fear of exclusion by losing the connection we need with current reality so as not to suffer will have passed out of our daily concerns. Actually, the evolution of FOMO is POMO (Pleasure Of Missing Out). The digital evolution has wanted to reward that pleasure of staying at home lying on the couch when you have to be at a social event with a name. Or making cakes when you should be seeing what and where your boss has eaten on the Internet.

It is the triumph of private life, that of the slippers and the bubble bath looking exquisitely at the mobile turned off; the success of the muffins prepared with the family on the computer inside the case. It is the nocturnal gardening while your neighbour sells his clothes on the Internet, the day of the swimming pool with your clothes on and the lack of mobile signal in the bush.

When man dominates the machine, and not the other way around, technology is only a tool at the service of need. The virtue of the digital revolution is its ability to integrate into everyday life without destroying the magic of what is human.