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DIY: Make your own recycled paper

DIY: Make your own recycled paper

Don’t know what to do with the used paper you have at home? Don’t worry, in this video we will learn to recycle it to give it a second life, and at the same time make our contribution to the Spain 2020 objective of achieving 50% recycling of all urban solid waste.

Today, 82.3% of paper and cardboard waste is recovered (according to Ecoembes 2016 figures). This rate of recycling rate is only exceeded by metal containers (cans of soft drinks or preserves), with 84.8%. The figures exceed the target set by the objectives of the Circular Economy Package of the European Commission for 2030, but this aspires to reach 100%. Above all, considering that the production and consumption of paper continue to grow, according to the Spanish Pulp, Paper and Cardboard Manufacturers Association (ASPAPEL).

Why recycle paper? In case it is not obvious, here are some reasons:

  • To reduce consumption, since the more paper we reuse, the less we will need to buy
  • Which, in turn, reduces the felling of trees
  • It saves energy, water and space (in landfills)
  • It reduces greenhouse effect gas emissions

Surely by now we will have convinced you. Now all that remains is to watch the video to put it into practice. Hit the Play and follow the instructions.