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DIY: Make your own quiet book or sensory book for children

DIY: Make your own quiet book or sensory book for children

They are called quiet books because their content provides a quiet activity to entertain children and because they have the capacity to awaken their senses. 

How is it done? We explain in the following video:

They are useful for children of any age. What makes them different, according to So sew easy, is that they focus on skills such as pairing, classification and imaginative play. They can also be changed as many times as you want, by inserting new pages or changing one for another.

As they point out in the blog De mi casa al mundo, a quiet book is usually made by hand with felt and various everyday manipulative materials. Its origin is related to the Montessori teaching method, since many of the activities the books contain are inspired by it. "Especially those related to daily life that refer to the tasks of psychomotricity, such as buttoning, opening and closing tweezers, tying shoelaces ...", they point out in De mi casa al mundo. They can also be useful for practising addition and subtraction or for playing with parts of the body or with shapes, and a long etc., as well as for our imagination.

What characterises a good quiet book? The important thing is not to have perfect pages, but that it is fun, that it keeps the child’s interest and adapts to their skill levels. The creation process itself can be part of the game, by encouraging the child take part in designing and making it.