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Cultural agenda: an exhibit for each profile

Cultural agenda: an exhibit for each profile

Art, history and science can make easier the return to routine after the holidays: the fall and the Spanish museums are full of fascinating experiences waiting to be discovered.

There is a world beyond the umbrella and the lounge chair and, with September around the corner, the post vacation nostalgia is not an option. Fortunately, the cultural offer in Spain as a whole demonstrates that there is still a lot to live and discover once the summer is over. There are options for all tastes and, with the most relevant exhibits within our grasp during the months of September and October, there will be no room for boredom.

No matter who accompanies us (or their age), routine won’t be an issue in these paradisiacal isles of paintings, experiments and screens envisaged for all types of visitors:


With your couple?

Out of the many famous kisses in the world of art, one of the most well-known ones will be present after the summer in Barcelona’s Fundación Mapfre: we are referring to The Kiss, the marble sculpture created by the French Auguste Rodin, which will be the protagonist piece of this exhibition coinciding with the centenary of his death.

The exhibit Hell according to Rodin is one of the great assets of the upcoming cultural agenda for couples. It is not in vain that it revolves around The Gates of Hell, the sculptural set that the artist created with his lover, Camille Claudel. A tormented love story seasoned with works as popular as The Thinker; it is, no doubt, a good option to enjoy art with your couple.

But it is not the only one. In fact, in Malaga, around the same time there is the opening We Are Completely Free. Women Artists and Surrealism, the exhibit that will show, from the Picasso Museum in the Andalusian capital that surrealism was the avant-garde movement with most women amongst their creators. More than one hundred paintings, photographs and even movies of artists such as Eileen Agar, Claude Cahun or Leonora Carrington will make up the perfect material to play with one’s imagination in good company, trying to find meaning in the display of lines and colors.

In the meantime, in Madrid, another of the great cultural events of the season will start with the opening, in October, of Picasso / Lautrec, the exhibition with which the Thyssen Museum unites two geniuses who never met in person: when the young Pablo visited Paris for the first time, Toulouse-Lautrec had less than a year to live. A gateway at the pure style of Midnight in Paris that will enable a walk, in couple, by night cafes, theaters, circuses or cabarets of over a century.

For those who want to enjoy an exhibition in couple but without walking among paintings or photographs, they will find what they are looking for in Fundación Telefónica, in Madrid’s Gran Vía. At this site, until the month of December, we can find the Virtual Reality Space, a place where you can experience and live, first hand, the applications of what could be the next technological revolution.


With children

Not everything is art for two in the cultural season that starts within a few weeks. Children are also taken into account, with workshops on some of the exhibits and others that are specially conceived for them, so that they can start exploring endless worlds.

A good example is Learning through art, a complete program in Bilbao’s Guggenheim that brings art closer to children, who will be able to put their own creativity to work with the help of six artists from the museum; they will also be able to contemplate the creative work of the visitors of the previous edition.

But younger minds do not live by art alone. Those who like science will find in the City of Arts and Sciences in Valencia an interactive exhibit called Una autopista detrás del enchufe. La electricidad, de la central a tu casa (A highway behind the socket. Electricity, from the power plant to your home), where both children and adults alike can verify what is the exact explanation of this apparently magic process that feeds computers, mobile phones and light bulbs. 

Meanwhile, families who want to introduce their children in the world of history (and, incidentally, of sports) have the best option after the summer in Madrid’s CaixaForum: ¡Agón! La competición en la antigua Grecia (Agón! Competition in Ancient Greece) includes hundreds of pieces that did not leave the British Museum up to now and will raise the curiosity of many when it comes to sports events at the root of our civilization.


And with friends?

Other option could be the Centre de Cultura Contemporània de Barcelona, featured by the multifaceted Björk: Digital Björk is an interactive digitally based exhibit that brings the visitors closer to the inimitable (and peculiar) world of the artist and also allows them to explore the new technologies that are going to transform the art narratives.

Love, surrealism, science, the magic nights in Paris, or optical illusions are only some of the stops in this fall’s cultural route, full of experiences to enjoy alone, with your couple, family or friends. Thanks to these exhibitions and scientific exhibits September will fly by.