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How much beyond money  film

Beyond money-Film

How far would you be willing to go for money? Would you sell the best experiences of your life to get more money? Learn about the story of Lucia, a young woman who gets rid of all her memories, even the most intimate, to maintain her high standard of living.


Money offers many possibilities: a higher standard of living, more comforts and luxuries ... but if bartering to get more and more money means selling your memories you may not be willing to do it. Or maybe you will. This is the case of Lucia, who decides to submit to several extractions of experiences to maintain her high rhythm of life. The situation is complicated when she begins to trade with her most intimate memories, such as the birth of her baby or the day she met her husband. Unique moments that are erased from her memory forever.

''How much. Beyond money" is a short film that has been recognised by the advertising sector with the Grand Prix of Entertainment at the 2017 Cannes Film Festival and the 6th Grand Prix in the history of advertising in Spain. A short film produced by Banco Santander, which invites us to reflect on the true value of money and on the decisions we must take to find true happiness.