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10 regalos ‘eco’ para una Navidad sostenible

10 ‘eco’ gifts for a sustainable Christmas

Christmas is here and with it comes the rush for gifts. Don’t know what to buy your family and friends? Don’t worry, you are in time to go down well and also protect your surroundings, because it is possible to get away from the classical gifts and surprise with ecofriendly products.

If you're tired of giving out ties, colognes or socks, maybe it's time to innovate, and for that you need to get to it with time and not leave it all until the last minute. To make everything easier, we help you with these ten proposals of sustainable gifts.

1. World map board made of cork | Price: 28 euros

In the world of flights for 20 euros, more and more people visit more countries. Travelling is one of the favourite sports and it is increasingly commonplace to accumulate exotic countries among our visits. So an interesting gift for these holidays could be this cork world map board on which to place souvenirs, tickets or postcards of the different places we have been.

Tablero mapamundi de corcho |

Also no trees have to be felled to produce and extract cork, so its production causes no desertification. The cork industry promotes a sustainable and non-polluting economic activity, and cork is an ecological, natural and recyclable product.

2. Cardboard construction blocks | Price: 65 euros

Christmas is one of the times of the year when the kids are (even more than usual) the centre of attention in our homes. If they have behaved well throughout this year, which is quite likely, the Magi will fill their tree with gifts. One of them could be a pack of XXL-size cardboard building blocks. A kind of giant Lego with which children can play at being architects and build fortresses or anything that comes out of their infinite imagination. The blocks are easy to connect, light and safe, they do not make noise, and they are made of cardboard, a durable material that respects the environment.

3. Folding solar lamp | Price: 23 euros

3.	Farolillo solar plegable

Not everyone has a terrace, but surely we have all at some times gone camping or we have stayed until late in that place away from the civilisation that we like so much. At some point we may need lighting, and this is precisely what this folding solar lamp is for, which fits in any backpack and with only eight hours of charging in the sun provides between eight and 12 hours of light, depending on whether you use it in high or low lighting mode.

4. Ecological furniture

Muebles ecológicos

Surely you know someone who has just moved and needs to furnish his or her new home or give it a renewed touch. There are numerous alternatives, and many are respectful of our environment. For example, EcoDeco, whose products are made with raw materials from sustainable and/or recycled resources, because its creators believe "everything has a second life". The idea is to give them a second chance to decorate our homes and enjoy every detail no matter how small.


5. Rucksack made with lorry and awning canvas | Price: 95 euros

Mochila hecha de lona de camiones

What to do with lorry tarpaulins when they end their useful life? And those sun shades? Simple: a backpack. The material used is polyester with PVC coating on 2 sides, so it is resistant to light and water. The inner lining is made of strong acrylic fabric, also recycled, to protect your belongings.

6. Kitchen growing kit | Price: 19,95 euros

Kit de cultivo Culinario

The Kitchen Growing Kit is an ideal way to get started in gardening or ecological horticulture in an easy way. The Kit is composed of the plants most commonly used in Mediterranean cuisine.

7. Aquaponic Growing System | Price: 99 euros

Sistema de Cultivo Acuapónico

Aquapony has a strange name, but is nothing more than the union between aquaculture (breeding of aquatic species) and hydroponics (growing plants in aqueous solutions). This kit will give you a perfectly balanced ecosystem at home, in which fish waste serves as nutrients for plants, while these filter and clean the water. An essential gift for lovers of sustainability.

8. Cardboard night globe | Price:  25,5 euros

Globo terráqueo nocturno de cartón

This globe to assemble yourself shows you the most important metropolises of the world illuminated at night. Made of thick paper, the luminescent print has been made with a special fluorescent ink that stores energy from natural and artificial light and shines in the dark.

The globe has been designed to rest on the same angle as the Earth's axis, 23.4 degrees, and on its packaging you will find the assembly instructions in English and with very detailed illustrations.

9. Cardboard Michi cat | Price: 19,99 euros

For all those who have an allergy to cats we have designed Michi, a jewellery organiser in the shape of a cat that you can also use as an original decorative element. It is made of high strength cardboard, a five-millimetre thick double-undulated cardboard, and has been designed in removable pieces. The assembly has been optimised so that only one person can do it. It is designed and made 100% in Madrid based on a philosophy of sustainability.


10. ECO Yoga Set |Price: 79 euros

Conjunto Yoga ECO |Precio: 79 euros

If you are passionate about yoga, you cannot miss this beautiful ecological set consisting of an organic cotton mat, an extra-long belt/harness, an organic zafu stuffed with spelt rind and an organic cotton cover (either round or crescent-shaped), and a cork brick.