5 factors for your idea to become a success project

"If you can dream it, you can do it". This quote attributed to Walt Disney defines one of the entrepreneur's distinctive abilities: to believe in his dreams. But there is a time when commitment, creativity and audacity go into the background: when the profitability of the business is validated and analysed. A crucial phase for success, which must be approached as objectively as possible, with method and, of course, without forgetting its main protagonist: the potential customer.

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Birth and history of the graphic novel

It is a long time since the comic stopped being been considered a lesser art. Now it rubs shoulders in the bookstores and on the lists of best-sellers with the latest literary productions. This evolution has occurred largely thanks to the boom of graphic novels, an editing format designed for the adult public. Superheroes have thus given way to other genres such as the autobiographical tale, the journalistic chronicle and the adaptations of classics of literature.

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5 reasons for choosing e-commerce

We thought it was incredible that Maxwell Smart, the "Super Agent 86", could speak through his shoe in the middle of a secret mission. And we doubted in "Back to the future", that Marty McFly could have a flying skateboard under his feet. Even his time machine, like a flying car, was a bold stake for spectators of the time. However, today, many of these "crazy inventions" are already reality. Technological innovation is more than obvious in the business world and also in Spanish households.

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Virtualisation of museums: art for all

Art has ventured beyond the walls of museums thanks to the Internet. The digitalisation of their collections gives you access to their works from anywhere in the world, wherever you are and whatever your social or cultural level. You become the protagonist of learning, either through the corridors of the museum thanks to virtual reality or taking advantage of the multimedia materials offered by initiatives such as Google Art Project.

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Anxiety in the classrooms, how does stress affect students?

In recent times there has been an intense debate over the optimal level of pressure to which students should be exposed. While on the one hand, some defend the traditional requirement and homework and exams, on the other schools without homework have also emerged, parents who prefer less traditional and more practical methods for their children, alternatives to exams and generally greater attention to students’ moods.

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Kristina Tsvetanova: an iPad for the blind

Reading an e-mail, studying your course material online or simply reading an e-book. For most, those tasks are a piece of cake. However, what about the sight impaired? During her last year of university, Kristina Tsvetanova witnessed how hard it was for her blind friend to follow an online course. There are narrating apps, of course, but they always get slow and tiresome when the texts are long. Can you imagine listening to an entire book read by a metallic, soulless voice?

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