Culture as a synonym of prosperity

Popular artists have always required the financial support of sponsors, who are also important nowadays.

Scholarships that equal education

Banco Santander is one of the enterprises that best understands education as an engine of prosperity of a society.

Studying abroad, key to professional and personal future

Companies highly value that their future employees study abroad. Banco Santander is one of them, with ProUni scholarships in the lead.

The future of employment goes through Big Data

Massive analysis of data is playing a major role in any industry moving towards digital transformation.

The world of entrepreneurship before university

There are courses that pave the way for pre-university students in order for them to acquire the skills needed for the entrepreneurial world.

Can student life be replicated on a virtual campus?

More students are studying online than ever and technology is starting to make remote learning a little less remote.

Progress from the classroom

Can you combine university tradition and innovation? The answer is yes. With the support of Santander Bank, Universidad Pontificia de Salamanca has promoted the University Innovation Club.

Towards a more modern and inclusive university

For Alicia González, a Spanish representative of the Ibero-American Young Leaders Program organized by Santander Bank, social change must begin in universities. 

The world’s most groundbreaking universities

Universities provide fertile ground for innovation and advancement. Their research projects have the potential to change the world, while their students’ biggest breakthroughs have the capacity to impact our everyday lives.