Guide to websites and apps to look for work in 2019

A multitude of tools make it easy to find attractive job offers from your smartphone. Beyond LinkedIn or Infojobs, other websites and apps offer employment opportunities, either in a specific sector or aimed at freelance talent.

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A multitude of tools make it easy to find attractive job offers from your smartphone. Beyond LinkedIn or Infojobs, other websites and apps offer employment opportunities, either in a specific sector or aimed at freelance talent

They say that beginnings are not easy and, for professionals, there is an added difficulty – the beginning is not just your first day at work, but when you start your job search to get that post. Whether because one professional stage has ended and you have to start another, or because you want to undertake a more exciting professional adventure than the current one, searching for the ideal workplace requires dedication. However, a multitude of online platforms can make that task easier for us.  

According to the recently published Adecco Infoempleo Report, 66.94% of companies and human resource professionals often use web-based employment portals to find candidates. Other means that they actively use to find them are personal contacts (46.72%), social networks (40.98%) and corporate websites (37.98%). 

So to discover the opportunity that fits our skill set, it is advisable that our virtual search briefcase is full of different online tools. 

Looking for opportunities with your smartphone

The majority of portals already have a web version and appso that you can search from any device. Logically, there is no need to visit all of them on a daily basis – activating notifications and alerts will simplify our endeavour. 

Some of the most well-known generalists are: 

– Infojobs. Now two decades old, this continues to be one of the most popular sites: throughout 2018 more than three million offers were published. Some of its advantages are the multiple filters that it offers to segment searches (by location, keywords, studies or experience), the possibility of uploading different CVs from the same account, and the option to perform a complete followup of your applications. 

– LinkedIn. The professional social network par excellence (it has around 560 million users worldwide) allows members to connect with other professionals and to find job offers through LinkedIn Jobs or their app. What’s more, the platform itself will recommend jobs based on our previous searches. To find work via this route, it is advisable to activate the option “tell the recruitment experts that you are interested” to stand out in searches. 

– Indeed. With 250 million unique users per month according to its website, this search engine collates offers published on other job boards, associations and company websites. In a similar way to LinkedIn, in some cases it is possible to apply through the site itself, but it can also direct you to the portal that originally published the offer.

– Eures. The European Job Mobility Portal shows offers from the public employment services of European Union countries, and it does so in 25 languages. In addition, the appgives you the option to contact Eures advisers who can provide personalized information. 

Infoempleo, Trovit Jobs and are other job portals on which you can find generalist offers, while Randstad, Adecco and Manpower offer the possibility of getting temporary work through their websites and apps. Recently, Google has launched Google Jobs, which indexes offers from other websites. 

Tell me what you are and I will tell you where to look 

As well as the generalist platforms, some websites allow us to find work according to our sector or the stage at which we find ourselves: 

– Job Today. This app is specialized in the selection of staff in the services sector (hospitality, tourism, retail…). Its strong point is its simplicity: sending applications does not require you to attach long CVs, and you can also chat directly with companies. 

– CornerJob. Although it shows jobs from different sectors, this app is specialized in high turnover roles (administrative, phone operator, estate agent, waiter, etc.). Their offers based on geolocation make the app particularly useful. 

– Tecnoempleo. It is aimed at professionals in IT and telecommunications, whether students, executives or freelancers. 

– Domestika. Although it is not actually a job portal, but an online communityof creativity professionals, on Domestika there is also a jobs section. Creative consulting, web development, web design, illustration, animation or video are some disciplines associated with the offers. 

– Primer Empleo.This portal, which can also be accessed via an app, is one of the most popular to help students or recent graduates without experience find offers of grants and internships. 

– HacesFalta. If you are interested in having a career in the third sector, this website and app collates volunteering opportunities published by NGOs. 

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