How to start an online business

Patient and proper planning are essential. An online business is not created overnight. Nor in a month. If you want success, it’s necessary to follow a series of steps.

Natural fibers that recognize entrepreneurial talent

Néstor Santiago, from Gran Canaria Explorer Space, was awarded second prize with a value of 20,000 euros thanks to Fibras Naturales Canarias.

Silicon Valley: in the heart of the entrepreneurship cradle

The 54 young entrepreneur finalists of the Explorer Prizes of Banco Santander are about to put an end to their adventure in Silicon Valley before coming back to Spain and finding out if they are winners.

Humanising Argentinian hospitals through art

Milena Castellarin from Cordoba, develops art projects that attempt to offer creative scenes for different health centres.

Specific projects for the women managers of the future

There are many initiatives focused on getting women that boost in their professional development in order to get jobs in directorship at big companies. Some of them are led by Banco Santander.

The advantages of shared coworking spaces

Coworking spaces have expanded in recent years effectively putting an end to the solitary form of work.

How to create an online business

New technologies have a clear role in our society. Its impact not only changes the way we interact each other, but has revolutionized the world of business.

Developers of Santander projects living together as a community

Welcome to Silicon Valley. This holiday house in Córdoba could be a favourite destination for families or friends looking for a place to spend their holidays.

Tailor made clothing with Dual-D: online entrepreneurship project

Get to know the story of Jéssica Romo, finalist of the Yuzz Mujer 2016 program, who has succeeded in realizing her project by creating the company Dual-D, an online platform where each woman can design her own garment, selecting the shape, size, cut, fabric or color…