Little Champions playing for equality

Banco Santander supports the football’s potential for transformation with activities like Santander Football Can Match, where young ones play for equality.

The Final of the UEFA Champions League, the most watched and sought after

An event that, in recent years, has become in one of the most watched and sought after. Its audience has grown throughout the last decade.

UEFA Champions League Final: So are the volunteers who will guide the fans

Banco Santander wants football fans and those who will go to see the Final at the Metropolitan Stadium to have a unique experience in Madrid.

Discovering Madrid’s footballing side on foot or by bus

The Metropolitano Stadium, Santiago Bernabéu, or the old Vicente Calderón are the clearest examples that unite the Spanish capital together with the king of sports.

Technology bursts into Europe’s Top Competition

Beginning in the round of sixteenth of this year’s edition, VAR will be present in all fixtures of the UEFA Champions League.

Technology in football: maximizing player performance

The power and strength of Bale, Cristiano, Mbappé, and Messi; the importance of…

How to communicate in an emergency when the network goes up in smoke

Santiago Bernabéu Stadium, Sunday, December 9th, 2018, 20:30 hours. More than 80,000…

How does the Video Assistant Referee work?

Video Assistant Referee or VAR technology has revolutionized the world of football. It is…

The 10 greatest moments in Champions League history

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