Optimising energy consumption in the digital world

The communications technologies ecosystem generates more than 2% of the world’s total carbon emissions.

Storing CO2 in liquid form is a way of reducing pollution

Vilarrasa’s aim was to determine the best conditions for storing this gas with the lowest possible expenditure.

Investing and earning money through sustainability

Bruno Bautista has created Fundeen, a crowdfunding web portal for small savers to support renewable energy plans.

The future of employment is green

Banco Santander was the first bank in the world by number of operations of green financing in 2018 and second by volume, according to the ranking elaborated by Dealogic.

Innovation at full sail for more sustainable ships

Bound4blue’s proposal consists of a system of rigid folding sails that resemble aeroplane wings.

The circular economy for improving environmental management

Integreellence has designed a system that converts organic waste into high quality compost for agro-food cooperatives and farmers in a way that is both more economical and more ecological.  

Learn to live better by measuring exposure to sunlight

Christina Friis Blach Petersen has created a device the size of a button that measures the amount of sunlight a person receives during their day and offers advice for improving their habits.

Drones, grazing and other measures to prevent forest fires

Technology and environmental management are potential solutions that aim to keep forests safe from the flames.