Sustainable projects: the best way to earn money

Renewable energy is the present and future and all companies should bet on a more sustainable and responsible future.

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Ceasing to be an option, it has now become an obligation. Renewable energy is the present and future and all companies should bet on a more sustainable and responsible future.

Just call them visionaries or simply connoisseurs of reality. The fact is that companies, entrepreneurs or investors who betted on sustainable projects some time ago, besides positively impacting the environment and society, obtain profits.

It is nonsense to think that any action carried out by a human being, company or institution does not intend to preserve the planet and take care of those who live in it.

For example, Banco Santander has developed more than 250 initiatives with an investment of almost 70 million of euros which are focused on saving energy and raw materials, diminishing the amount of waste and emissions, and on the sensibility of their employees.

Its main bets include mobilizing 120,000 million euros between 2019 and 2025, and 220,000 million euros up to 2030 to fight against climate change. Likewise, another goal is to put an end to the presence of plastic in its offices and buildings and in 2025, 100% of the energy will be renewable. That’s why the entity presided over by Ana Botín also supports initiatives and entrepreneurial projects intended for this goal. 

Fundeen: The investment gateway on renewable energies

It was two years ago when Nacho Bautista and his brother Adrián began their venture in the sustainable entrepreneurship. What was simply an idea, a dream built on solid pillars, has become a reality.

“I used to work in a renewable energy investment fund and I started to invest in real estate crowdfunding. Then I asked myself: Why don’t I adapt it to projects with positive messages about sustainability?”, Nacho said.

In 2017, these two young men became finalists of the Prizes Explorer of Banco Santander thanks to their project Fundeen, a crowfunding gateway of renewable energy investment. Thanks to their initiative, Nacho travelled to Silicon Valley, the mecca of entrepreneurship. “It was a really positive experience. We had a mentor who helped us define our business model, as we were really beginners in this field. The program gave us the momentum we needed for Fundeen to start”, Nacho said.

Currently, Fundeen is a company of nine workers located in Ávila with an office in Madrid and it is authorized by the National Securities Commission. In fact, Nacho and Andrés have become the youngest people in Spanish history to get this authorization.

The goal of the platform is to democratize the investment in renewable energies. “Our work is selecting projects of external promoters, we evaluate them technically, financially and legally, we publish them in the gateway and then people decide where invest their money and how much to invest starting at 500€, which is our minimum ticket”, he states.

The average investment is almost 1,700 euros and more than 2,200 registered users in the gateway especially focus on photovoltaic solar energy located in Spain, specifically in the region where they live. However, Fundeen already works on looking for initiatives of thermal solar, wind, hydroelectric, and biomass energies.

“Anyone can invest. Only there are some limitations established by the CNMV for non-accredited investors. These people can allocate up to 3,000 euros to every project or 10,000 euros a year all together. In the case of accredited people, there is no limit”, Nacho said.

It is a very simple process: the user should enter and register in giving the same data provided when they opened a bank account, so it becomes a virtual wallet to manage their funds, deposit money and get the dividends and the profitability obtained through different projects.

As any entrepreneur, both Nacho and his brother see Fundeen gaining much more capacity to influence: “in some years, we see ourselves financing bigger projects outside Spain, getting bases in more countries and increasingly giving access to this kind of investment”.

As Majed, Angélica and Brenda, Nacho has participated in the initiative “Conversations about Prosperity with Scholars Pro” of Banco Santander, which bets on recognizing the work of those young people whom it has accompanied during their university and entrepreneurial training.




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