Sustainable and intelligent mobility moving forward in cities

One of the priorities of governments and companies is to manage a mobility which is foreseen to be day after day more sustainable and intelligent.

A natural solution for environmental problems in the cities

There are many environmental, social and economic challenges that these cities face. Apparently, the environment and its benefits seem to have converted themselves into a viable solution.

The cleanest way to renew energy

Taking care of our planet is a common effort. That’s why the fight against climate change must include every agent of society, from governments, organizations, and enterprises to citizens.

The future of employment is green

Banco Santander was the first bank in the world by number of operations of green financing in 2018 and second by volume, according to the ranking elaborated by Dealogic.

Banco Santander, the most sustainable entity in the world

This recognition is the prize for years of working and effort to positively impact in every field affecting society.

Green financing, at full speed!

These bonuses allocate funds to finance sustainable projects in areas such as renewable energies, energy efficiency, the clean transport or the responsible management of waste.

Green buildings to avoid leaving a mark

The so-called “green buildings” have an essential role in the preservation and care of the environment.

Keys to the future of sustainable and responsible investment

There is a clear recognition that an important percentage of the assets of a company is intangible and that it is not reflected in the balance.

Sustainability grows in the countryside

If we properly manage them, agriculture, forestry and aquaculture can provide nutritive food to all the planet.

Why to invest in sustainable and responsible products?

Sustainable and responsible investment (SRI) is based on a combination of financial and extra-financial criteria in investment decision-making.