The Union as a tool to combat trade barriers

Entities are not simply financial providers but strategic allies to achieve the goals of clients.

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The relationship between bank and client has changed. Nowadays, entities are not simply financial providers but strategic allies to achieve the goals of clients. Currently, they work together to help them prosper and move on. Trade Club Alliance was born on the basis of this philosophy.

In a world where companies, especially banks, want to reach every corner of the planet to positively impact them and financially aid society, trade barriers emerge as one of the main complications to fight against. The only way to combat them is through the union and cooperation among entities.

The way banks interact with their clients has evolved over the years. Proximity, trust and the prosper of people are what they look for the most. For this reason, they develop many initiatives that contribute to the improvement of society and the environment in which they live.

One of these companies is Banco Santander, which carries out its responsible policy with the people and environment where it operates. Likewise, its goal is dynamizing the economy of these places and the only way to achieve this is by eliminating the financial obstacles of society and companies. Trade barriers should disappear.

Regarding this topic, early last October the main financial leaders met in London to officially announce the Trade Club Alliance, a digital platform aimed at simplifying and improving international trade.

This initiative was born in 2015 by the hand of Banco Santander to connect companies in Europe and Latin America. Thanks to its success, the program has expanded around all the world up to the point of being made up of 24 world banks with links in all the markets (Africa, Latin America, Southeast Asia…).

Its growth is unstoppable. It foresees that in 2022 it will cover 90% of the world trade corridors and aid more than 1 million people across the world.

The only way to create international tangible sustainable growth for all our clients is by joining together. Thanks to the combination of personal relationships and technological innovation of Trade Club Alliance, our clients can access a world of new opportunities. They can build trusting relationships in new markets and get the latest commercial tools and the best knowledge close by. This is just the beginning of a big alliance to support our clients”, Javier San Félix, General Director in charge of Global Payments Services of Banco Santander said in the agreement signing.

The main services and advantages offered by Trade Club Alliance include:

  • Use of state-of-the-art technologies, such as machine learning and the cloud to get better capabilities in social networks, wide contents and banking assessment.
  • Its system is based in efficiency, aiding to accelerate the exchange of assets and services and simplifying the operations.
  • Assessment and local support. Bank teams are available during import and export stages.
  • They carry out more than 25,000 market reports of 186 countries.
  • Presence of 2,000 directories of 150 countries, 40,000 trade fairs and a million of international tenders.
  • They analyze the exchange rates through weekly and monthly reports and they translate up to 147 currencies.

Any company, regardless its size, can use the platform, which covers all sectors (farming, textile, chemical, logging, metallurgical…). Every entity is responsible for analyzing the companies before joining as members.

Those included in the project will get a business card explaining its trade proposal, the sector which they belong to and their goals. Thanks to Trade Club Alliance, they will get information about the market and will be assessed about the financial products that fit their needs the best.

“The launching of Trade Club Alliance implies the start of a relationship between companies and their banks not simply as financial providers, but also as strategic company partners that will guide them throughout the labyrinth of the international trade. This trade platform will strengthen the current links and revolutionize the way the companies look for opportunities in new markets”, the financial entity confirms.


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