Passion for football has no limits

Technology can change the way blind people experience football thanks to Fieeld, a device capable of making people feel their passion for football more intensely.

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Technology can change the way blind people experience football thanks to Fieeld, a device capable of making people feel their passion for football more intensely. 

A goal scored by Cristiano, a dodge by Messi, the last dribble by Neymar, Oblak making an incredible save… All of them are spectacular actions that turn football into a mass spectacle, the only sport capable of generating a discussion among two strangers located at opposite points of the planet. However, there is a common point: sharing the same passion for the king sport.

Both in the stadium and on TV, millions of people around the world enjoy a good football game and watching their idols in the field. That is the case of Nickollas, a Brazilian child who has a total passion for football. His visual disability does not impede him going every week to support his favourite team, Palmeiras, along with his mother, Silvia Grecco, who tells him every play from the stands. She is the one who tells him what happens in the playing field and he feels it with the same passion of any other child. Nickollas and his mother don’t miss any game, especially the classic Paulista vs Corinthias, the game that they lose sleep over every season.

This story of love, of overcoming and passion for football starring Nicko and his mother every weekend. It has been recognized by FIFA, which recently awarded them the prize The Best as “the best football fan”. In an emotive speech, the Nickollas’s mother defined football as the sport capable of transforming the lives of people”.

Thanks to stories such as Nicko’s, Banco Santander believes in the transformative power of footballand its capability to improve the lives of people, boosting innovative projects. That’s why Fieeld was born, a device that lets blind people feel the play by touch and enjoy the passion of football unlimited.

Fieeld, living and feeling football with more excitement

Fieeld is the first system of sports broadcasting based on touch. The blind fan can follow the movement of the ball at any moment through a pointer that moves throughout the device according to the information sent by a system of high definition cameras distributed across the playing field. The lines of the field are embossed on a board, which make them easily recognizable by touch. The pointer that shows the ball has a perfect size and sensation to facilitate its location and monitoring when it moves.

In other words, Fieeld turns the data gathered through the movement of the ball, replicates every play and sends these data to a highly sensitive touch board.

It is about a technological innovation created by NOW, the unit specialized in innovation and creative technology of HAVAS GROUP and jointly developed with Banco Santander. This initiative is part of the strategy #FootballCan, the bet of Banco Santander to translate its brand mission into the football world, highlighting the impact of this sport on society and its capability to transform the lives of people.

Juan Manuel Cendoya, General Director of Communications, Corporative Marketing and Studies of Banco Santander, added: “Fieeld is a clear example of how technological advances and football can positively impact society and improve the lives of people, so we developed this project. In Santander we support the sport because we are totally committed to the prosperity of society”.

Now, the project has started to look for a technology partner to extend its development to follow the play in real time. Meanwhile, as bank sponsor of the three most relevant football competitions in the world, it tries to donate a device to UEFA, another one to Libertadores and another one to La Liga Santander so that all blind people have access to a tool that helps make football more inclusive.

Although right now it is only a device, Fieeld is a clear example of how football can do anything and the commitment of Banco Santander to be a more responsible and inclusive bank.




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