The Union as a tool to combat trade barriers

Entities are not simply financial providers but strategic allies to achieve the goals of clients.

Financial empowerment for the development of society

Banco Santander wants to financially empower 10 million people across the world up to the year 2025 to contribute to these goals.

Trust, key in the work of NGOs

Organizations have focused their strategy on recruiting partners through policies based on total transparency about what they do with their funds and management.

The unknown side of the worker: the corporative volunteer

More and more companies increasingly respond to social demands and focus their activity on generating a positive impact on the environment and society.

How to combat food waste

In a world where 1 billion people starve, both companies and institutions are sure of one thing: the wasting of food needs to be combated.

Helping the most underprivileged from the office

The commitment of Banco Santander to the prosperity of society crosses borders with more than six million people aided in the last four years.

Passion for football has no limits

Technology can change the way blind people experience football thanks to Fieeld, a device capable of making people feel their passion for football more intensely.

Integration into the labour market, the key to moving forward

In Spain, more than 8.5 million people suffer from social exclusion. The Integra Foundation works as a link between businesses and social entities. Thanks to their work, 13,000 jobs have been created.

Grants and programs for female inclusion

Gender equality in the fields of science and technology is one of the most important challenges Spanish society faces.

Entrepreneurship to help is also possible

Social entrepreneurship is consolidating itself as a model that fulfills the needs and requirements of new consumers.