How to make a fairer society for everyone?

It is impossible to prosper as a society if we don’t include in this development the groups that are in vulnerable situations.

A shelther in where to live

Banco Santander has helped more than 140,000 families with financial problems to continue meeting housing payments.

What are the UN Sustainable Development Goals?

Eradicating poverty, promoting the prosper and well-being of everyone, and protecting the environment are the main focuses that guide the UN to achieve its SDGs.

Common Goal: the world of football, committed to social change

Common Goal has raised more than 700,000 euros which have been invested in projects around the world.

Improving the planet, the commitment of companies

The goal of Banco Santander is to become the model entity of responsible banking.

Financial inclusion, the big challenge in a globalized world

That the whole planet has access to basic financial services is essential for social development.

Football as an agent of social change

Its millions of fans, the influence of football players, and the amount of money that the industry moves, make it the sport most capable of changing and improving society.

Personalized coaching for young people who need it the most

Coach Exit is an initiative to help young people at risk of social marginalization with personal and professionally advancement.

Adapted basketball as a formula for overcoming adversity

Pincho Ortega, MVP of the European Wheelchair Basketball Championships, has been awarded a scholarship by the Universia Foundation to play basketball in the US.