Towards equal opportunity in the selection of personnel

ResumeNets, tool, and finalist at the Explorer Awards, allows HR departments and consulting firms to automatize the filtering of CVs.

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ResumeNets, tool, and finalist at the Explorer Awards, allows HR departments and consulting firms to automatize the filtering of CVs.

Jorge Sola has a special bond with the city of San Francisco. Before coming to the city as a finalist of the Explorer Program for Young Entrepreneurs, he had already worked with his small company for an enterprise located right there. That being said, going to California and finding out the ins and outs of the Silicon Valley along with the program’s other finalists promoted by Santander Bank, was an unforgettable experience for him.

“It is a real opportunity to be able to visit companies like Facebook and Google along with the other Spanish entrepreneurs and to get to know both the way they do business along with the other finalist projects.”

ResumeNets, the initiative launched by Sola and his partner at Explorer from the Universidad de Valencia, is an innovative project that allows for a reduction in the amount of time it takes consulting firms and Human Resources departments to go through CVs. The software allows – automatically, and even by selecting the most suitable candidates on the basis of specific parameters – that the most adequate candidates are the first ones seen by recruiters.

“Our tool uses an algorithm capable of identifying the most adequate profiles and abilities for every position by filtering a large number of CVs. We must bear in mind that at times, recruiters have to seek out a single candidate through hundreds and hundreds of applicants, often for just one post.”

However, ResumeNets is an app not only capable of sorting through profiles among many CVs. It also has something that sets it apart from the rest: it greatly eliminates discrimination bias, on the basis of age, gender, race, or any other factor, in favor of equal opportunity.

“Our platform is anonymous. It displays your qualities, your background, and any other information that is valuable to the company offering the position. It does not display your personal information. It does not show your age, or if you are a man or a woman, for example. The most important thing is that you possess the qualities the company is looking for.”

This young man from Teruel, in spite of having taken part in the program from the Universidad de Valencia, had a clear objective regarding applications when faced with a problem in one of his first jobs. “I worked for a while in a consulting firm and I realized the amount of time wasted by recruiters when sorting through CVs. My partner had also already begun to work on and program a similar app from which we could borrow many things to put our idea into practice and to develop a minimum viable product.”

“What I’m most interested in is equal opportunity” Sola says. On many occasions, – even without realizing – HR departments or consulting firms reject suitable candidates for a position just because of their age or sex. Women, despite being the majority of those with a university degree, have fewer opportunities to reach management positions, and at the moment, this is blatantly clear.”

Today, when taking into account surveys carried out by different companies, ResumeNets learned that, in 100% of cases, HR departments found a suitable candidate within the first twenty CVs.

The next step, and the most important given their goals in 2019, remarks Sola, from one of the most famous restaurants in San Francisco, is getting the platform to work automatically, without the ResumeNets team having to intervene during the process.

This way, they could achieve real automatization of the selection processes and they would be capable of deriving the technology from the businesses where they offer their services and a more personalized use of their tool.

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