Digital banking: what can it do for your daily activity?

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See what the banking system is like that we face each day and how it can make our lives easier, in short, simple banking for people like you, along with the Spanish comedian Leo Harlem.

Leo Harlem, with his humour, reveals one of the qualities of banks as yet unknown: closeness. In this episode you will see how the technological revolution serves for us to understand the needs of each customer better and turn the relationship between the bank and customers into something unique and personalised for each of them.

What’s more, the digital banking revolution with 24/7 access allows for more precise customer treatment, offering them everything they need at all times and answering their true needs.

Thanks to Leo Harlem, you can see the more personal and secure side of the banks through “simple banking for normal people”, a new way to offer customers a simple, personal and fair service.


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