Sponsorships going beyond an image

The way companies achieve profitability and visibility by financing several activities is older than the companies themselves.

A natural solution for environmental problems in the cities

There are many environmental, social and economic challenges that these cities face. Apparently, the environment and its benefits seem to have converted themselves into a viable solution.

Transparency in donations to regain trust

The best ideas emerge in times of crisis. At least, that’s what they say. This is exactly what happened to Iskren Dragomirov.

Stimulating the mind of children with Down Syndrome thanks to a therapeutic game

Animal Hero helps children strengthen cognitive capabilities such as memory, sustained and divided attention and executive functions.

Contributing to the fight against breast cancer thanks to rounding up

Banco Santander has launched Solidarity Digital Rounding, which lets its clients round their purchases upwards to allocate the money to the Spanish Association Against Cancer.

Financial Inclusion, key to country development

It is an impossible economic development if there are people who still do not have access to efficient financial services.

Eliminating socio-digital gaps thanks to cybervolunteers

The Foundation Cibervoluntarios has been trying over the last 15 years to make sure that nobody remains on the sidelines of technological advances.

Banking and its fight for social inclusion

Social inclusion cannot exist without financial inclusion, which works as an engine to stimulate family and business economies.

The cleanest way to renew energy

Taking care of our planet is a common effort. That’s why the fight against climate change must include every agent of society, from governments, organizations, and enterprises to citizens.

How to make a fairer society for everyone?

Today, on the International Day for the Eradication of Poverty, it is indispensable to remember the need to create an environment that offers the same opportunities to everyone.