The cleanest way to renew energy

The fight against climate change must include every agent of society, from governments, organizations, and enterprises to citizens.

Keys to the future of sustainable and responsible investment

There is a clear recognition that an important percentage of the assets of a company is intangible and that it is not reflected in the balance.

When we are all the same

During recent years, a multitude of programs and initiatives have been launched based on gender diversity as an engine of prosper.

How to make a fairer society for everyone?

It is impossible to prosper as a society if we don’t include in this development the groups that are in vulnerable situations.

Sustainability grows in the countryside

If we properly manage them, agriculture, forestry and aquaculture can provide nutritive food to all the planet.

The importance of recognizing the good work of the coworker next to you

Businesses such as Banco Santander increasingly carry out the culture of the recognition, with tools such as StartmeUp.

A shelther in where to live

Banco Santander has helped more than 140,000 families with financial problems to continue meeting housing payments.

What are the UN Sustainable Development Goals?

Eradicating poverty, promoting the prosper and well-being of everyone, and protecting the environment are the main focuses that guide the UN to achieve its SDGs.

Common Goal: the world of football, committed to social change

Common Goal has raised more than 700,000 euros which have been invested in projects around the world.

The invisible work of local NGOs

It is essential to support these organizations and raise awareness of them. From here people join the cause, among them Banco Santander, through its Foundation.