The world of entrepreneurship before university

There are courses that pave the way for pre-university students in order for them to acquire the skills needed for the entrepreneurial world.

Financial inclusion, the big challenge in a globalized world

That the whole planet has access to basic financial services is essential for social development.

Livestock implanted with microchips and digitalizing the primary sector

ItechTerm has developed a Wi-Fi system using Big Data to monitor the body temperature of cows and to make the tasks of the farmer easier.

Iberian imperial eagle: conservation efforts and projects

The animals interact with their surroundings and other members of their or different species. Therefore, the extinction of one species can indirectly cause the death of another, as well as the adverse effect: overpopulation.

How to communicate in an emergency when the network goes up in smoke

More than 80,000 spectators, the vast majority Argentinians, fill the stands of the historic domain of Real Madrid. River Plate and Boca Juniors play an impossible game, from the onset, an inconceivable game several days before. 

The BigData Era will improve user experience

Emails, likes, searches, online shopping, comments on social networks…. Every time we interact with a PC, we are producing valuable data. 

Stories of progress: Vettel and Raikkonen go over to music

We all have our little stories of Progress. Arturo is a Mexican…

Stories of progress: women’s volleyball with the Brazilian Sephora

The small stories of progress are not just work, but the daily…