An understanding of finance helps us to keep control of our assets

Finance can be found in everything. From holidays, to going to the cinema, to going shopping. We can find it in our salary bonus, and in the motorcycle you rent for the weekend.

Technology has transformed the world of education

Over the last few years, primary and secondary school classes have progressed rapidly with digitalization, which has caused a change in the educational framework.

Returning to work after being victim of gender violence

It is essential that women who have suffered from domestic violence return to work.

Gamification as a new way of learning at work

Play at work. Easy as that. This increasingly established method has emerged to promote leisure in the workplace while combining training and recreation.

Technology in football: maximizing player performance

The power and strength of Bale, Cristiano, Mbappé, and Messi; the importance of the wingers at Real Madrid or Sevilla, or the secret to the long football career of Joaquín, all find their answer in GPS technology.

Techniques to improve the financial well-being of your family

Domestic finances, just like business finances, is an area where families win and lose. Financial ratios help families take care of their financial situation.

Chatbots, tireless virtual assistants

Chatbots don’t have timetables, they don’t sleep or take vacations, and they’re available to answer any question with…

Digital Disconnection outside of the workplace: could it happen?

Technological advances have created a world in which we live totally connected.…

Technology has transformed the World of Education

Over the last few years, primary and secondary school classes have progressed…