Betting on education, betting on the future

A key factor is to guarantee an equal, inclusive and quality education.

Gender diversity as a formula for entrepreneurial success

Currently, no sector of our society can be understood now without having equality between men and women or at least, without fighting and implementing measures to achieve this equality.

How to start an online business

Patient and proper planning are essential. An online business is not created overnight. Nor in a month. If you want success, it’s necessary to follow a series of steps.

Financial empowerment for the development of society

Banco Santander wants to financially empower 10 million people across the world up to the year 2025 to contribute to these goals.

6 tips to watch your financial safety

Phishing, the English term, refers to a fraudulent attempt carried out by hackers to get passwords by using fake campaigns.

Towards a world free of paper bills

Today, many questions are raised about how a company can avoid unnecessary expenses or increase its productivity. If we would add the challenge of minimizing negative impact on the environment, a new question emerges: electronic or paper bills?

How to make your recycled lamp by yourself

The planet sends us constant signs about the consequences of global warming. The raise of the temperature at a global level is unprecedented, as well as the sea level and the migration patterns of some animals.