Grants and programs for female inclusion

Gender equality in the fields of science and technology is one of the most important challenges Spanish society faces.

Improving the planet, the commitment of companies

The goal of Banco Santander is to become the model entity of responsible banking.

The invisible work of local NGOs

It is essential to support these organizations and raise awareness of them. From here people join the cause, among them Banco Santander, through its Foundation.

Football as an agent of social change

Its millions of fans, the influence of football players, and the amount of money that the industry moves, make it the sport most capable of changing and improving society.

Specific projects for the women managers of the future

There are many initiatives focused on getting women that boost in their professional development in order to get jobs in directorship at big companies. Some of them are led by Banco Santander.

7 technological trends on the scene this 2019

Artificial Intelligence, data privacy and the cloud will undergo changes. 2019 will be the year in which 5G will become a reality.

Progress from the classroom

Can you combine university tradition and innovation? The answer is yes. With the support of Santander Bank, Universidad Pontificia de Salamanca has promoted the University Innovation Club.

7 means of transportation that will mark the future

The most important technology competes with vehicle manufacturers in order to innovate the next means of transportation

Promoting a child’s right to education

“Children are our future”. An undeniably true phrase repeated over and over again.

The internationalization of Spanish small and medium sized enterprises (SME)

Resolve, enthusiasm or creativity are some of the values required for those who one day decide to start a new business.