Increasing demand for female managers by large companies

The latest business policies reveal that gender equality will be one of businesses’ guiding principles going forward into the future.

Technology and support for the service of cleaning the oceans

State of the art projects aimed at reducing the amount of waste in the ocean emerges as a consequence of the troubling state of our seas.

Common Goal: the world of football, committed to social change

Common Goal has raised more than 700,000 euros which have been invested in projects around the world.

The social responsibility of big companies: corporate volunteering

It’s companies’ own employees who take part voluntarily in this work, as it’s them who devote their time and effort to these causes.

The UN’s goals to achieve a sustainable world

Over the next 15 years, the UN wants to meet sustainable development goals like eradicating poverty and hunger, and achieve gender equality.

Training Entrepreneurship: How the Entrepreneur Learns “Entrepreneurship”

There is an increasing number of courses and masters programs aimed at promoting entrepreneurship.

Technology at the service of sport: the Hawk-Eye and football

This technology is already used in some of the most important European leagues with the aim of eradicating the ‘ghost goals’.