How to combat food waste

In a world where 1 billion people starve, both companies and institutions are sure of one thing: the wasting of food needs to be combated.

Be useful, be helpful, and be quick: the features of future businesses

Digitalization has transformed the market: people have different needs and their relationships with brands have changed. As a result, companies need to be efficient, and they need to be able to build ecosystems of trust that attract consumers’ attention.

How does the Video Assistant Referee work?

Video Assistant Referee or VAR technology has revolutionized the world of football. It is the referees’ visual assistant and can be used in moments of the game that are difficult for the judge to interpret. Thanks to VAR the referee is able to make a more objective and impartial decision.

Quantum computers have the power to see through data

Ismael Faro, quantum computation researcher at IBM Research, explains the intricacies and future implementations of complex quantum computers, which promise to solve challenges that are impossible for a normal desktop PC